As the Albanese Government throws open our borders following the debacle of the global pandemic, they’re beckoning unprecedented numbers of immigrants and international students. Australians are jostling to find rental properties and are unable to meet soaring living costs. Despite defying common…

Media Release: VOTE 1 SUSAN JAKOBI for the prosperity, heritage and cultural identity of Ballarat

The following programme will be released as a leaflet in South Ward letter-boxes in the very near future: OUR CITY MUST REMAIN IN THE HANDS OF THE BALLARAT PEOPLE, NOT IN THE GRIP OF A CORRUPT AND OPPRESSIVE CORPORATE-GOVERNMENT. As you are…

Sue Jakobi gets out there: Elect a nationalist to Ballarat City Council

Sue is campaigning for Ballarat Council in various ways appropriate to the social restrictions currently imposed. It’s a postal ballot (which has some advantages with a full candidates’ statements sent to all electors). That is set for October 24. Sue is demanding…

Capitalism Without Creed – The Third Phase of Australian Cultural-Political Rulership

Under Imperial Constitutionalism, patriotism was determined by a monarchist devotion, while advocating for an independent Australia amounted to Bolshevism. In the first phase — and the pre-perestroika part of the second phase — the greatest threats to rulership were communism. At no time in our history has nationalism been allowed to flourish to the point of rulership. Strangely, communism has become acceptable to a capitalist class which once ran McCarthyist purges against those believed to be red. This disparity in trading with Communist China we define as ‘capitalism without creed’, since the capitalist ‘system’ has become divorced from the capitalist ‘essence’ which when running free has no conscience and honours only allegiances that result in profits.

Nationalise Virgin Australia

What if our Australian Government bought Virgin Australia outright and so nationalised the airline? The LibNat national government is throwing $130 billion around like there’s no tomorrow after its epic failure to quarantine Xi China’s unleashed bio weapon virus COVID-19. Rather than…

Wagga Awakes! Council Cuts Ties To China

Wagga council voted on Tuesday night to end its 32-year-old relationship with Chinese sister city Kunming. In a hotly debated motion, the winning vote to ditch Kunming was cast 4-3.

The meeting was held via a conferencing app owing to COVID-19 restrictions with the motion’s initiator, councillor Paul Funnell, addressing the council.

In a speech full of blunt truths, he highlighted the existential problems of being a democratic council with “…a business ethics document that speaks of transparency, ethical decision making and procurement practises”, while its sister city holds to “the very opposite” of those policies.

Nationalism & The Virus – The Politics of Tomorrow (Part One)

This series of articles concerns the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic upon Australia’s politics. Comments and ideas can be directed to the party at ausfirst@alphalink.com.au   Each week, we will deal with a few issues as events unfold.

Daily Mail Attacks Patriot Who Called Out Chinese Death Cultists

The Daily Mail has taken aim against a conscientious Aussie bloke who made a symbolic stand outside the Chinese consulate in Sydney.
Their use of the pejoratives ‘rant’ and ‘racist’ have undermined the genuine sentiment expressed by this fearless Akubra-wearing patriot who took his anger to the street outside the consulate. There, he cracked a long whip, while vocalising the feelings of all true Australians who, courtesy of the Kung Flu, have woken up to the evils of the Communist Chinese Dictator State.

XYZ – You Don’t Speak For Nationalism!

A public statement by Dr. Jim Saleam

The nationalist without nationalism website XYZ is at it again, pretending to speak for Australian nationalism. And with a clever plan!
An article published today under the penname of ‘Golem’ has a lot to say that pretty much confirms for us the snaky and dangerous quality of a group of people who wouldn’t understand Australian Nationalism, even after and by a miracle of time travel if, John Curtin, Jack Lang and Henry Lawson materialized in their ‘office’ and patiently tried to explain it to them. Let alone beat it into them.

This time, XYZ is calling for present-day nationalist leaders to come forward and set about building a “united front” and then – becoming “politically organized”. Of course, united fronts are good things, when the elements composing them are positive forces.

Melbourne Neo-Nazi Group Is An Asio Trojan Horse

Three weeks ago, ASIO’s Director-General Mike Burgess cited ‘Neo-Nazis’ as “among our most challenging security threats.” A week later, in a pub in west-Melbourne, a gaggle of toxic outcasts who’ve been causing headaches for dedicated nativists for a while now initiated a new club in the hope of remaining relevant.
The leader of this paltry group is known to talk to the feds and has often sat down with ASIO. His timing couldn’t have been better.

High court ruling on Aborigines may end in civil war

The constitution, imperfect though it is, is under attack. Recently, the High court voted 4-3 to allow to foreign-born criminals to avoid extradition on the basis that each had Aboriginal ancestry.

In doing so, they have conferred special rights upon the blackfella which supersede our migration laws on the basis that their ‘Aboriginality’ connects them to the land in a wholly transcendental fashion not applicable to the rest of us; not even those of us White Australians with ties going back several generations. Suddenly, race matters very much.

Holden is dead – long live the spirit of Holden

Holden is gone, much to the indifference of General Motors, who only kept it around because it was paid for by government handouts.

Being a Yank mob, primarily responsible for such beaut gas-guzzlers as the Buick, Cadillac and Chevrolet, their management was never likely to be bothered by any social impact closing Holden might have. After all, they are quartered in the post-apocalyptic city of Detroit. And this is business.

Jim Saleam on the Rense Network’s ACH programme – The State of Australia Today

Dr Jim Saleam, Australia First Party president, talks to Andrew Carrington Hitchcock on his popular Rense Network programme ACH.

Australia Week for True Blue Aussies

Things True Blue Australians ought to consider doing this coming Australia Week, a time for celebrating and kicking back. While the big day is January 26th and this year blows in on a Sunday, Australia’s national week for the uninitiated unofficially kicks…

Australian nationalist discussions around the country

On Saturday 5th October 2019 at 1.00 pm, the party president addressed a meeting in Wagga Wagga to challenge the structured assault of an academia / media / political police narrative about a dangerous, potentially terroristic ‘Far Right’ in Australia. Jim says…

Not Conservative, Not National, Not Conservative National – But Australian Nationalism

by Dr. Jim Saleam, National President | This is the first of a series of articles on conservatism and its relationship to Australian nationalism. The Australian nationalist movement appeared to take a step forward when Fraser Anning stood up in Parliament in…

Fairfax Anarchism (Part 5): the ASIO Shell Game

by Dr. Jim Saleam. | This is Part Five in an ongoing investigation and expose of the anarchist / Antifa movement and the strange concessions made to it by state and media forces. (NB When discussing Fairfax, the author is referring to…

Climate Communism

Communist Idealism, Welfarism, Leftism, Anarchism, Election Loser Denialism, Born Again Communism, Redistributionism, Globalism, Scientologism, Alien Abductionism, Evangelism, Climate Evangelism, Doomsday Cultism, Nostradamusism, Apocalypticism, Y2K Bugism, Climate Armageddon, Climate Communism, and pigs fly ..so pull the other one, it’s got bells on.  

Yellow Supremacist threatens Australia with China War propaganda (Part 1)

by Dr Jim Saleam, Ron Owen and others. | So China’s self-anointed dictator Chairman Xi dispatches his top con-artist to threaten Australia’s independence? Confucius Professor Wang Yiwei … likes winners. Yellow Supremacists unwelcome, dude! Then, the Chinese ambassador, Cheng Jingye, on the seventieth…

Contain Nazi China to stand up to Beijing’s dynastic Fourth Reich under Emperor Xi Jinping

On Wednesday August 7 in 2019, Australia’s Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security wrote an important article in The Sydney Morning Herald. It’s savvy and informed author warns Australians that if the People’s? Republic of China’s imperialist ambitions are not contained,…

National Wattle Day 2019 on September 1 – Call for nominations for Order of the Wattle Blossom

PRESS RELEASE:  National Wattle Day, 1st September 2019 Nominations for the Native Australian Award: THE ORDER OF THE WATTLE BLOSSOM are invited from Fairdinkum Australians General Criteria: Persons nominated should have displayed a commitment to Australia’s heritage and culture, our national values,…

Contain and deport China imperialism out of Australia and from our sovereign territories

China’s self-anointed emperor Xi Jinping (since 2012) is hell bent on despotic world domination – soft power, debt trap diplomacy, cyber attacks, dud trade deals, intellectual property theft, chinatownage, ‘educities’, whatever it takes.  The Xi dynasty seeks to emulate the Mao Tse-tung…

Visit Communist China for holiday? Be prepared for Beijing baseball bats bashing British entrenched democracy

China’s emperor Xi Jinping and his ‘One Belt One Road’ dream of global domination certainly manifested its will yesterday in Hong Kong. Beijing enforced it’s authoritarianism dispatching a gang of thugs wielding confucius whip-sticks against the free people of Hong Kong. Media…

Escarpment Group scandal- ethnic hoteliers prefer to exploit 407 Visa Third World ethnics than pay decent wages to local Aussies

(contributed) Reports are filtering in of a foreign owned and controlled luxury hotel group preferencing Third World hospitality scab labour on the pretence of ‘internship training‘ while shunning qualified local Australians. A 14-month investigation by The Fair Work Commission and the Department…

Foreign Alan Joyce’s leftist-deviant plot to destroy Australia’s heterosexual sports

Multicultural deviance is undermining traditional Australia.  Imported sexual deviant Alan Joyce is steering QANTAS sponsorship to bankrupt Australian cultural sports like rugby.  Imported fat chick Kiwi Raelene Castle is in cahoots because she just wants her All Blacks to win. Her parents…

Now Canberra’s sheltered workshop is spying on Ordinary Australians

Canberra’s Mass Immigration Department lets the enemy inside our gates and ceremoniously hands over unconditional citizenships willy nilly.  Then Australia’s Signals Directorate (another spy agency) says it now can’t trust Australians. And that’s not just the imported fake ones, but hard working…

Immiscible ethnics undermine Australia’s monocultural bliss

(contributed) There can be absolutely no doubt that many years ago the honourable heads of government around the world decided to follow in Napoleon Bonaparte’s footsteps and aim for a world without boundaries. This was decided upon after the last Great War…

VOTE 1: Australia First’s Peter Schuback for the seat of Longman in QLD

  And we remind Australian voters to patriotically make their vote count, else an invalid vote is wasted.  If you are against politicians and prefer to vote anti-politics then choose Australia First Party, because we’re Australian nationalists and anti-politics. Australia First Party…