WA Senate 2016

Our Senate campaign launch in Western Australia

Australia First Party WA is pleased to announce its two Senate Team Candidates in the state of Western Australia for the forthcoming 2016 Federal Election.


Brian McReaMr Brian McRea


Lyn VickeryMr Lyn Vickery


As Australia First Party Senate candidates, Lyn Vickery and Brian McRea pledge to listen to and serve the Australian people to the very best of their ability.

To find out more please visit our new WA website:   http://australiafirstwa.net/


We Support:

  • An immediate moratorium on immigration!
  • Strengthened borders – including all airport points of entry
  • Australian Nationalism and defending our democratic freedoms and way of life
  • Deterring Third World Immigration
  • Deporting Radical Islamists
  • Superannuation Protections for Self Funded Retirees
  • Relieving the pressures on Home Ownership/Mortgage trap
  • Measures to end Student Loan Debt Enslavement
  • Aussie citizens in education, trades and technology
  • Far tighter control of home, business, property and rural land sales to foreigners
  • Decoupling from all Globalist “Free Trade” agenda rip offs and the United Nations
  • Ramp Up health screening of all foreigners into Australia to prevent foreign diseases contaminating us
  • Conservation Responsibility, not the fake Green Leftist nonsense
  • Narcotics crackdown
  • Restore Australian History and Modern History into primary and secondary school curricula.

We Oppose:

  • Political Correctness in all its toxic forms, especially Leftist Cultural Marxism
  • Multiculturalism and Diversity – they do NOT strengthen a society or a nation!
  • Globalism – it is stealing our children’s future, utterly!


Australia First Party WA

Australia First Party WA Senate Candidates 2016

Let’s roll up the nation’s sleeves.  Let’s clear away the ideological garbage and get on with the job of reclaiming our Australian values, rights, freedoms.  Let’s honour the magnificent vision of a just and mighty nation, glimpsed and fought for by our forefathers.

Let’s indeed make Australia Great Again!



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