Eureka Youth League legacy

Eureka Youth League

For Nation, Community and Race!

Platform of the Eureka Youth League

The establishment of a nation-wide network of fraternal organisations for Young, Australian men.

What is a Fraternal Organisation? 

High-trust organisations to see to the social well-being of its members. Advancing a sense of common identity and belonging: improving the emotional, religious and financial strength of each member.

Core beliefs of the Eureka Youth League?

The Eureka Youth League fundamentally believes in the core platform of the Australian founders; Producerism, Racial Nationalism, Pragmatism and strong moral standards for community.

We believe that every young, white Australian has a right to exist; has a right to a future free from the moral degeneration, poverty and alienation from the Australian soil.

We believe that Australia’s cultural traditions are found in agrarianism, temperance, fervent community and Nativism.

Model of the Eureka Youth League

The Eureka Youth League seeks to revive the traditions of the Australian Natives Association; and bring the whole body of Young White Australians into the fold of a single, nation-wide network of fraternal organisations that will exist across political lines and see to the protection and advancement of the interests of Young White Australians.

Pillars of the Eureka Youth League

Foremost we believe in Australianism; that is to say: Australia has a native-born identity, culture and tradition – William Lane’s ‘The Workingmans Paradise’ is among our key ideological inspirations. Australia’s political identity we believe rests primarily within the first platform of the Australian Labor Party.

The White Australia Policy

Australia’s colonial heritage saw the first historical example of multi-racialism in practice; the large influx of coloured races during the gold rush period saw the creation of a violent, in-cohesive country in which white standards of living were depleted when met with Asian competition. The Australian rebellions at Ballaarat, Clunes and Lambing Flat demonstrate the pure conviction of our pioneering forebears, that Australia must be a nation build by whites workers, for white workers.

Mary Gilmore, a famous Australian poet and writer describes perfectly many themes that are lesser known to Australian Nationalists today; She writes:

Bring in the nigger and the lash,
This advocate declares,
The working white is feeble trash,
Too weak for what he shares;
Bring; in the slayer and the whip.
The, licensed trade in man —
And see the, flag on every ship
That out as slaver ran.

It has been foremost the goal of the wealthy land-barons and people of bourgeois countenance to bring in coloured races to Australia purely for profit and social dominance. In the early days it was members of the English aristocracy such as John MacCarthur and today it is frequently Jewish aristocrats like Harry Triguboff, or their gentile companions like Gina “we must work for 2$ an hour” Rinehart.

The Eureka Youth League fundamentally and foremost believes in the protection and establishment of a national community; maximising the sense of belonging through the protection of homogeneity of race, culture and religiosity wherever possible.

Economic Decency

The Eureka Youth League wholeheartedly believes in what we call ‘Economic Decency’ that is to say; we believe in the preservation of the character of Australian economics; The maintenance of Full Employment in Australia, and wherever possible the protection of industries that provide mass-employment to average workers. The EYL believes in Government Paternalism, that income aught to be accrued by tariff-protections on our industries and such money should go to education, defence and pensions for widows and retired people.

Australian economics too details the importance of land-ownership; ‘The Great Australian Dream’ has often been in reference to the ownership of a family home and parcel of land, we wholeheartedly believe the Australian DNA is found in agrarian lifestyle; and where possible we aught to make it easier for working families to purchase their own land and live traditionally.

Australian Moralism

Family cohesion is a cornerstone of the Australian standard of living; We do not support the modern feminist movement or the ‘men going their own way’ movement, and fundamentally reject the egalitarian attitude towards gender roles in modern society. We believe fundamentally in the traditional, loving and patriarchal order.

Among the Australian moral standards we believe wholeheartedly in charity; the establishment of a ‘friendly society’ in which we love and care for our neighbours; the nation all turning the commonweal of decency for every working man and assistance to every family.

The Young Nativist Manifesto

Young, White Australians today live in a sea of aliens, debauchery and isolation: Living separate from the culture, traditions and institutions of the Australian founders.

Aliens:  Young, White Australians who are native to the soil find themselves surrounded and in some cases completely inundated by the surplus population of coloured nations; We have lost the capacity to have a real sense of community and sense of common belonging with our own kith and kindred. We believe that community life can only be fostered in the circumstances in which people share a similar heritage, similar culture, similar appearance and similar outlook on life. ‘To each his own’ and ‘Live and let live’ are instruments for tolerance, but not the advancement of community.

The Eureka Youth League believes in advancing the cause of homogeneity, We want a White, monocultural, anglophone country built fundamentally on the traditional Christian worldview of family living, community and charity.

Debauchery:  Young, White Australians have been raised in an overwhelmingly Godless society in which self-indulgence is the highest end of all institutions and paths in life. Alcoholism, Drug use and Sexual immorality have all sprung forth and spread through the lives of all young Australians spitting poison into the well of all our families, friends and institutions. We believe that duty to God, family and nation are the fundamental reasons for living, Self-indulgence being of secondary importance – a society of selfish individuals only seeking their own pleasure leads to the kind of filth and evil we see today.

The Eureka Youth League believes in advancing the cause of natural duty and temperance, We want our Young Australian brothers and sisters to know the duty they naturally inherit as being children of the lost Australian people who had once fought, toiled and died to establish standards of national, family and religious life which we as Nativists wish to revive.

Isolation:  The international financial system in which we are arrested has advanced the cause of isolation; The institutions of neo-liberalism have atomised every young White Australian: Pitted us against each-other for financial and indulgent causes; it has beaten any sense of community out of us and thrusted us into the metropolis of strangers and competitors.  We believe fundamentally that humans are social creatures and should exist as members of a tribe, community and nation – being atomised into radical individualism is harmful not only to the advancement of our nation but to our very mental health.

The Eureka Youth League believes in nurturing and defending fraternal organisations for young White Australians; this is our primary strategic plan for equipping young white Australians to advance the causes of Australian native politics, life and religiosity by maintaining a sense of community between members and seeing to the moral and emotional well-being of its membership.

Revival of the traditions and institutions:  The enemy has either killed our institutions  ( see the Australian Natives Association ) or it has occupied and corrupted them ( see the Australian Workers Union )  – The enemy continue to wage a radical culture war; staring during the 1970s-1980s: The wholesale degeneration of Australian culture into an apolitical, colour-blind, cosmopolitan larryikanism ; Where Alcoholism, Atheism and Feminism are benchmarks. We believe in re-discovering our lost Australian institutions and traditions; reviving them wherever possible and advocating for them where practical.

Nativism, Our Platform:  Australia is a European construct, Only White, European men can be native to it. We believe that Australia’s multi-century history as a pioneering, isolated nation resulted in the creation of a distinct and unique Australian culture, political ideology ( which we call Australianism ) and general worldview. We believe there are potential lessons to be learned from the political movements of other nations; but fundamentally we believe that Australianism is the ideal political ideal system which was fought for and developed by the Australian forefathers in the circumstances of Australia and the Australian people.

We do not brandish a swastika, Fasces or Sunwheel; These symbols are not native to the Australian soil and circumstance; We believe in the Australian struggle and our symbolism in Eureka, Lambing Flat, Clunes, Buckland River and Federation. We fundamentally believe it is a betrayal of our forefathers to wholesale adopt the political ideals and symbolism of a foreign movement.

Would Hitler be offended if all his German descendants flew a Eureka flag over Berlin?  I’d say so – To this end it would be an offence to William Spence, Edmund Barton, Henry Lawson and Percy Stephensen to fly a Swastika over Parliament House. Different nations have different ideals, culture and politics – Nativism is the preservation of politics, culture and ideals native to Australia: We happen to believe Australianism is a very fair political outlook; and we will be sure to write more about it in the coming months.



Young, White Australians who we now know as Young Natives: are under attack; both racially and morally: We must stand united as members of a nation-wide fraternal organisation that will see to the advancement of our interests. We are not exclusively a political organisation, We are a fraternal organisation with our primary goal in defending the lives and character of Young Natives so they might go on to advance the cause of Nativism in every strata of Australian society.

We accept members of all walks of life so long as they maintain a dedication to building their own character, ridding themselves of debauchery and seeing to the health and benefit of their fellow fraternal member through the advancement of charity, native politics and community living.

In defense of Australianism: A Letter to the Trotskyites

Our organisation; is not a ‘conservative’ one – it never has been; We see through the same lens you and I and so I can speak in your terms- though we come to a different ‘call to arms’ as it may be said: There can be no doubt, the modern world is an evil, corrupted place – the core enemy which most of us share is really the neo-liberal establishment, where all people, including you and me are seen as individual units of capital, we are no more than shares in the global financial system, which has become rootless and unstoppable thanks to the works of the ‘conservative’ ‘anti-communist’ units in Government.

Australian Nativists believe there is far more to life than wage-slavery to the neoliberal, land-barons who currently rule over us uncontested – we believe wholeheartedly in community living as you do; although we believe in the practical, the real and the observed; We believe in taking steps to maximise the sense of common identity and belonging between members of the community, ie; we believe homogeneous societies share the strongest sense of community, that by natural circumstance we feel more trusting, at home with and compassionate to people of our own ethnicity, religiosity and worldview. William Spence, founder of the Australian Labor Party & Workers Union gave us the platform: “The cultivation of an Australian sentiment based upon the maintenance of racial purity and the development in Australia of an enlightened and self-reliant community.” Ultimately we do not hate others of different races, or religions – infact we have much to learn from each-other, but nonetheless we take a direction to maximise the sense of identity and belonging Australians can share, sharing the same blood, a similar European heritage, the same outlook on life.

We being Nationalists are not ‘imperialists’ ; we have no ambitions to conquer other nations; or harm other races – quite the opposite, it is our worldview which advocates for the sovereignty of all ethnicities, the protection of their own unique cultural and religious expression and the rights to their own land and wealth; Arthur Calwell the once leader of the Australian Labor Party said: “We can only preserve our heritage for our descendants by preserving the homogeneity of our race: And that we must and will do, We cherish no annexation ideas, We covet no other territory and we have no imperialist ambitions.” You will find it is the ‘conservatives’ who wish to install neoliberal capitalism onto countries by force, to profit off the sweat of their workers – we know, accept and repudiate this imperialism; it takes the jobs of Australian workers and leaves us to the social decay of alcoholism and fornication that comes in the town of depression due to unemployment.

You believe in ‘workers of the world unite’ – so do we, we do not believe the workers of the world should however harm themselves by throwing themselves into a melting pot which only seeks to serve the financial interests of the capitalist elite; by destroying community sentiment and identity the neoliberals render it impossible resistance to form against their usury and practice; this without mentioning they profit enormously by working coloured labor to death ( as they are willing to accept standards far below that of the white Australian man ) You believe ‘racism’ is a tool the neoliberals use to pit worker against worker and distract us from the destruction of our society; this point has a great deal of merit; Have you ever wondered why the media perpetuates anti-islamic sentiment? 

It’s a mighty fine distraction from the fact the Chinese, among a few other Asian ethnicities are buying up our land in droves, and demographically replacing us!  – that is to say; a white minority in Australia could be no more than 50 years away. The Neoliberal charges up the white man to attack the Islamic, although they only take up 5% of the population.  It keeps the well-intentioned white man from recognising the Chinese could make up 15% of our current population!

Coloured migration is a terrific weapon for smashing unions, drop ideals for moment and recognise it’s not the Indians and Chinese that make up the membership of your local workers union, it’s white men – and we’re being displaced by foreign coolies! Your cause for destroying ethnic borders; is a large chip in the arsenal of the neoliberals! 

Mary Gilmore, whom you may know from the glorious newspaper ‘The Australian Worker’ wrote in her poem ‘The White Man’s flag’ “Nations and  individuals, degenerate like this, they have but one god, and that is gold. The gold of cheap labor. Their cry is ‘The black is cheaper than the white. Up with the black, down with ‘the white!’A day will come . if this policy is followed when the black financier will say the same thing to the white— and win! — if white does not stand by white.” If you truly have a positive aspiration for Australian workers, you must accept that we cannot be thrown into the basket with non-unionised coloured labour who will settle for ridiculous standards of employment: such an action would destroy everything our forebears worked to establish!

Australian Nativists very much rest on the shoulders of the traditional Australian Labor Party, we love and revere the union working tradition but absolutely detest the globalism that the modern Labor party pursues, it is this ‘globalism’ they engage for “compassion” but they do not realise it simply makes them the puppet of the neoliberals, flooding Australia with cheap foreign labour to erode our standards, giving buckets of our blood to foreign refugees whilst our own sleep rough on each street corner. The bourgeois profit most from this destruction of Australia, cheap labour, plenty of domestic demand for housing and smashed unions! what a miracle, they got the well-intentioned Marxists to nail themselves into the coffin of multi-racialism and bury themselves on the hill of progress!

Now you may understand our position in a degree of clarity; we wish to open a genuine dialogue – should you have the decency to engage.

Ask any question in honesty related to history and our ideals; and it will be answered publicly ( Or privately if you wish ) :

( Perhaps we may agree to disagree one day and bury the hatchet and see decency prevail in politics once again; Decency, another old Australian tradition. )

Arthur Calwell, the once leader of the Australian Labor party said in 1949:

The ultra-conservatives and land-barons would like vast poois of near-slave labor to make them richer; the Communists wish to bring about any condition of strife, poverty and mistrust in the community which would make good government more difficult, and therefore their struggle towards power easier.

The Communists base their appeals on the sympathy Australians feel for the poor and oppressed in backward countries. They preach equality, but Ignore tile fact that equality does not necessarily mean similarity, or the ability to live and work together.

They talk cynically of relief and new opportunities for the suffering people of Asian lands, when they know very well that whatever small number of the needy millions could possibly be taken into Australia would have no significant effect on the Asian problem.

They plead that these people should be offered a better life, when there is evidence all over the world to prove that the introduction of large numbers of Asians into European communities inevitably offers them nothing but frustration and new sorts of misery.

In this particular matter, the super-capitalists are even less honest than the Communists. If they used the Communist arguments, or any direct arguments at all, their motives would be so obvious that the only public response would be an outburst of astonished laughter at their audacity.

Except in unguarded moments when the truth sometimes bursts out of them, they have to pay lip-service to the Australian policy, but they have developed a loathsome cunning in the arts of the saboteur and the wrecker. “We believe in the selective immigration policy, but . . .“ is the way they approach the matter, though they know as well as I do that there can be no “buts” in connection with it at all. They strive to have “exceptions” made until the policy would become unworkable, and to have “discretion” exercised so indiscreetly that the basic principles of the policy would have to be abandoned.

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