2013 Against the ‘Culture-Bust’ Muslim Cemetery Plan for Hawkesbury

A People’s Resistance Grows.

Across the Hawkesbury Region (outskirts of Sydney), there is a growing community anger directed against local council’s plan to permit a ‘Muslim Cemetery’ – to feature along Packer Road, Blaxlands Ridge, on the foothills above our heritage township of Windsor.

Of course anyone, whomsoever he may be, whether a so-called ‘immigrant’ of the
unwelcome type, or a faked-up ‘refugee’, or just a simple visitor to our country,
who dies on Australian soil, deserves to have his mortal remains treated with
elementary respect.  That has always been the Australian way.

But none of that is the point here. Quite the contrary.

The Islamic cemetery plan is an orchestrated Culture Bust of the local Hawkesbury identity, of its essential Australianness.

Muslim Cemetery Orthodoxy,   Nice.


It is the plan of the NSW Liberal government, as expressed in the open by Barry O’Farrell in November 2011, for the Liberal Party government to alter the Hawkesbury’s ‘monoculture‘ .

The Liberal government seeks to socially engineer target areas that they express the ‘diversity’ of ethnicity and identity which our contemporary Australia has come to be. The government seeks to culture-bust hold-out areas by undermining their morale, their identity and their heritage.

It would then proclaim the current abortion of multiculturalist existence – the only possible reality.

It is a war against Australians.

Give extremists an inch?
…Cop another mosque in Sydney

First a Muslim Cemetery along the Putty Road

a wedge to a Windsor Mosque? 

Resistance till victory!


The Hawkesbury Liberal Councillors are sure to vote for the cemetery because these
time-servers and would-be Macquarie Street parliamentarians obey their orders.

The Hawkesbury Liberal Councillors will assuredly reject even the obvious planning
dangers that this cemetery represents. It is a threat to health and the environment,
but this will be overlooked.

Windsor’s St-Matthew Anglican Church is NOT Muslim!


If an imposed Muslim Cemetery went ahead, every week would see perhaps a thousand prayer-mat wielding ‘visitors’ to the area.  Facilities would have to be constructed and new businesses introduced to cater for their ‘particular’ needs.

There would be inevitable frictions and tensions that would then be exploited by the liberal media to wage a violent culture-war against Hawkesbury Aussies, with the inevitable ritual denunciations of them for their bogan, redneck, intolerant, racist and insensitive ways. This would invite in the Human Rights thought police and other agencies and grassroots campaigns of various groups against the Hawkesbury people.

A wide people’s resistance movement is growing across the Hawkesbury. Action groups
have come into being and the local Australia First (Hawkesbury) branch has been

The people’s movement may be successful now at the start if its components work as a
united front, each group saying its piece and doing its work, within a broad
framework of common action. Australia First (Hawkesbury) will certainly do that – to
win this fight.

The party is passing around the common mass petition. Already hundreds of signatures
for Council have been collected.   Demonstrations are planned!

Beware the Sharia Spider prowling our suburbs!