New South Wales state election 2015: Australia First Party contests Penrith


A candidate sponsored by the Australia First Party will contest the seat of Penrith in the 2015 State election.

The candidate will be Mr. Victor Waterson, a long-standing activist for the Australia First cause.

Dr. Jim Saleam, National President of the party and Lorraine Sharp, Chairman  of the party in New South Wales, said today:

“Penrith is an area that is a soon-to-be victim of super ‘developmentalism‘, that part of the mad plan to explode the population of Sydney by 1.5 millions in twenty years. With the new bridge at Windsor and the stone quarry near Richmond, the barges will float down the Nepean 24/7, wrecking the ecology and primary industries. Making Penrith a new CBD – for whom, the Chinese investors?”

Mr. Waterson said today that his campaign will involve a series of issues “blended into an  overriding perspective that people are disenfranchised and deserve much better”. He pointed to his policy:

  • Citizens initiated Referendum as a right
  • Abolition of tolls and private roads
  • A transport hub for Penrith City
  • A freeze on unit developments
  • A new war on drugs that centres on empowering families and compulsory detoxification  energetic action against foreign house purchase
  • Opposition to any tax on property to build infrastructure for the immigration-fuelled new suburbs
  • State assistance in every way possible to assist pensioners to overcome the new Federal budget attack
  • Community patrols to monitor ethnic crime gangs and protect property.


Jim Saleam and Lorraine Sharp concluded:

“The Waterson campaign has begun and we think it will not be a clean one.

The corruption-ridden major parties have already played foul with Australia first in Penrith and we know they understand exactly what we mean.

We intend to fight hard to project our message as part of our overall community action strategy to re-empower people at the local level.”

Dr Jim Saleam