Oct 21: Your history was false: ‘Diversity’ is Globalist Sickness

Australia First Party Challenges Prospect City Council Policy On Flying The Eureka Flag.Australia First Party Condemns Prospect City Council Policy On Flying A ‘Gay’ Flag

by some Adelaide nationalists


By a decision of South Australia’s Prospect City Council on September 25 2012, the City will fly every year on its buildings the Southern Cross Flag – or Eureka Flag as it is generally known – as an act of commemoration.  The resolution said: ‘’Council agrees to fly the Eureka flag for the period 29 November – 3 December (inclusive) every year. The flag will fly in place of the State flag.”

It was said in Council discussions that the Flag would be flown as part of remembering the historical process that achieved ‘democratic government’ in Australia. If only that was all that was said, there could be no real complaint!

However, some interested persons put to the Council that flying the Eureka Flag expressed the City’s commitment to “diversity” That logic appears to have been the overriding consideration in the flying of the Flag. Consequently, it was a falsely crafted decision that belied the true history and significance of the Eureka Flag.

Now it gets much worse.

This year it has been officially put to the Prospect City Council, that a “gay flag” also be flown.

City of Prospect

A Council paper said:

4.7    In addition, Council has recently received a request from the Feast Festival for Council to participate in the Flying the Rainbow Flag – Celebrating Diversity project. Councils are requested to fly the Rainbow Flag from 9 – 24 November 2013.

4.8    Feast is Adelaide’s (self named) Queer Cultural Festival and is highly respected nationally for the quality of the artistic program and community development projects. Feast is also a member of Festivals Adelaide, the peak body for Adelaide’s Major International Festivals including the Adelaide Festival, Fringe, Cabaret Festival, WOMAdelaide and Come Out.

Undoubtedly, the Council will adopt the “gay flag” and commit itself to the agenda of so-called “marriage equality” which now lies at the centre of the “gay movement’ and which the Rainbow Flag now serves to promote.

Greens Family Values
Australia First Party considers that the drive to diversity in all things is the core philosophic idea behind globalism. Change the meaning of cultural symbols, pervert them and repackage them, is the method of the globalisers. So with what the Council has dome to the sacred Eureka Flag. So the Council has done in normalising the homosexual political agenda. The culture-busting of the Australian heritage and identity works by robbing us of our history or rewriting it. This is politics waged on the cultural front at the community level and it will now be resisted.

The False Logic Behind Flying The Eureka Flag


After the Council flew the Eureka Flag in 2011 as part of a commemoration for the achievement of democracy in Australia, it was approached by a certain “Spirit of Eureka Committee” which proposed the Flag be flown annually.

This Committee said:

“The Spirit of Eureka Committee and the Eureka Charter developed by it, acknowledges the cultural diversity of Australian society. We are not in any way associated with and do not support groups such as National Action and the Australia First Party that have tried to misuse the Eureka flag for racial supremacist or anti-immigration purposes”.

However, the Australian nationalists of Australia First Party use the Eureka Flag correctly. They use it as a native-to-the-soil symbol of our national identity, as an iconic representation of the Australian spirit of struggle and sacrifice. And we do not hide from the fact that the Eureka Flag was flown as a symbol of a blood-identity of Australians (as Europeans native to this soil). It is a sacred banner in the fight against the ethnic cleansing of the Australian people – as it was in the nineteenth century and so today in the twenty-first century.

A key element in the Prospect City Council’s decision to fly the Eureka Flag came from a determined school of historical falsification that seeks to sully and dirty every expression of Australianism. A Council document said:

4.7   Last year Councillor Harris provided the following information:

4.7.10   Racism is thought to be a issue: remember two of the 13 charged with treason were black; 30 nationalities fought under the flag.

4.7.11   Perhaps the words of one of the rebel leaders an Italian, Raffaello Carboni, he called on the diggers to “irrespective of nationality, religion and colour to salute the Southern Cross (Eureka) flag as the refuge of all oppressed people from all countries on earth.”

The colourful language of Carboni, which was common enough flummery in its day is contradicted for fact by the cold findings made by the 1855 Royal Commission into the Eureka affair, an inquiry which established that while the rebellion had various triggers an underlying question for the miners was the presence of Chinese labour on the gold fields.

Indeed, with the Lambing Flat uprising of 1861 – which clearly identified the Chinese as a concern for white workers – the myth of Eureka and its flag grew. Labor hero Jack Lang could write in the 1960’s that the struggles at Eureka and Lambing Flat were linked in that they established the principle of “free labour” in the colonies.

The Eureka Flag was used in 1878 by the seamen in Sydney who stormed parliament to protest Chinese labour on the ships and it was raised at Barcaldine in 1891 to protest foreign scab labour.

Who is this Spirit of Eureka Committee which misinformed the Prospect City Council, who we add – were only too willing to be conned?

The Spirit of Eureka Committee is a poisonous group of former followers of the Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist), a species of pro Chinese communist. Generally called “Maoists”, these people toyed about in the 1970’s with trying to mask who they really were by using the Eureka Flag and by using the slogan of “independence for Australia”. It was the patriotic groups like National action who ensured that the Eureka Flag became secure as the property of the Australian People in their real fight against the ethnic cleansing policy of mass immigration and the evils of economic globalisation.

The “Spirit” clique held a meeting last November in Melbourne where they featured Pamela Curr, an advocate of refugee immigration. These people may believe in diversity, but they are not Australian nationalists or patriots. They are inner city dabblers who hate the traditional Australian working class and other working people. They hate the fact that we have a country and want to win its freedom whereas they would give it away.

Australia First Party says that the Prospect City Council flies the Eureka Flag as an exercise in falsehood, trying to misuse the Flag as part of the multiculti land to which it is loyal.

Let Australia First Party be very blunt: we call on all Australians to defend the Eureka Flag as the icon of an ethnicity and in the unique context of Australia, a people which demands a proper reward for its productive labour. The City of Prospect is welcome to its diversity and can drown in it if it wants, but the Eureka Flag is the People’s property.

The Prospect Council should not fly the Eureka Flag because it does not and cannot believe in the essential national mythology behind this emblem of Australianism.

And Now it’s Rainbow Flags (and Same Sex Marriage?)


Prospect City Council on 23 July 2013 received a “Request to Fly the Rainbow Flag”:

Perversion Flag

1.1 For Council to consider adopting a Flag Policy and also considering a request to fly the Rainbow Flag to support the Feast festival Flying the Rainbow Flag – Celebrating Diversity project.

It was said that such an action would contribute to the creation of “an active, healthy, connected and safe community.”

The Rainbow Flag has become the symbol of the gay lobby and the banner of the so-called “marriage equality” movement.

National ActionAdelaide Members of National Action in the 1990’s show the Flag

Australia First Party wants the gay lobby put back into the closet and asserts Marriage Normality against “marriage equality”, a no rules marriage which is no marriage at all.

By raising this Rainbow rag, the Prospect City Council would put itself against the traditional Nation. We have no doubt that the flying of the Rainbow Flag is linked to the marriage equality push. Insiders at the Council tell us that this is so.

Australia First Party denounces the Council for its commitment to diversity and explains “diversity” to disenfranchised Australians as the propaganda slogan and policy of globalism. Diversity sickens the Nation.

Australia First Party calls on the people of Prospect City to reject the flying of the Rainbow Flag and to protest in all legal and proper ways.

Marry My HorseFrench nationalists say that they’d like to marry a horse.    Is that next?

People’s Struggle Until Victory

Australia First Party invites all concerned people and patriotic people to join with it in defence of the heritage of the Eureka Flag and against the flying of the Rainbow Flag in Prospect City.

In particular, the party calls upon Christian and pro family groups to protest against flying of the Rainbow Flag.

Community action politics can defeat this revolution from above.

It is time for people’s struggle against the culture-bust – until victory!