Can’t trust LibLabs not to destroy the Blue Mountains

The arrogance of the LibLab Council we have running the Blue Mountains is palpable.

The Liberal Mayor, Daniel Myles, told Blackheathens back in May, we are selling the Blackheath Airstrip along Hat Hill Road to make way for housing development.   It was community land originally paid for using ratepayers money.  But Council needs the cash to pay for our Taj Mahal Woolies supermarket deal in Springwood.

Katoomba got one under the Labs, so we want one in Springwood for the Libs.

That’s how we fund things, just like our LibLab mates in Sydney.  We privatise community assets like electricity and land and flog ’em off.  Some call it selling the farm.  We like to call it upgrading.


Quiet Bushy Location‘  it read.  Yeah, just like Council promised the previous suckers!

Ratepayer funded community land flogged by the LibLabs to developers


Oh, yeah, and we are using $1.2 million in ratepayers money to connect the land to electricity, water, gas, etc. It’s not our money anyway.

And our Liberal mates in Sydney are giving us a standard Sydney Local Environment Plan for the whole Blue Mountains, so we can look even more like Sydney.

Look at the MacMansions around Seiberi Crescent off Evans lookout Road.  We LibLabs approved them.  Don’t worry chugging along the congested highway into Sydney, we’ll bring Sydney’s ugly sprawl to you.  Sorry about your quiet bush location.  Here come the Griswalds!

As if The Greens care.  Like the LibLabs they look after their own self-interests.  The Foreign Greens are committed to maximising illegals into Australia.  They’ve got the bogan queen just where they want her – under The Green thumb.

HMAS Gillard


A vote for the major parties again is a vote for more of the same self-interest for another 4 years.

Do yourself and our Blue Mountains a favour.   Vote for a breath of fresh air for the Blue Mountains. Vote Australia First Party this September 8.


Australia First Party pledges to:

  1. Stop LibLabs destroying the Blue Mountains
  2. Stop the LibLabs on Council wasting ratepayers money on Taj Mahals, external consultants and lawyers – No win? No fee!
  3. Sack the LibLab Council management for extravagance and poor governance – remember the current lot gambled and lost $5 million in ratepayers money with Lehman Brothers. Renew management deadwood – there must be good experienced Council staff to draw upon.
  4. Re-focus Council back to its core jobs – ‘rates, roads and rubbish’ and operating within its means.  And we’ll means test rates – no rates rises!
  5. Critical funding must be prioritised to accommodate Blue Mountains’ local homeless and local families on the brink and to get them back on their feet. 
  6. Enact by-laws to give ratepayers and local chambers of commerce decision making veto on all Council decisions that impact on Blue Mountains community values, assets, and land – it is called democracy – remember that term?

Ward One, Blue Mountains?

Vote Real, Vote One for Matt Hodgson

Australia First Party

Matt Hodgson – a Blue Mountains worker