Australia First Party nominates Matt Hodgson for Blue Mountains City Council

July 4 2012:

The Australia First Party has nominated Mr. Matt Hodgson to lead our ticket for Blue Mountains City Council First Ward in the September 8 poll for 2012.

The party ticket has three members. The party is registered for local government elections in New South Wales.

The party will also offer candidates in Hawkesbury City, Penrith City, Blacktown City, Wollondilly Shire, Sutherland Shire and some other cities and shires in the State.

Mr. Hodgson said today:

“I accepted the nomination because I am a working person and I want to see Council resources go to uphold the identity of our our area and to assisting needy Australians.

I am appalled at the degree of homelessness in the Blue Mountains and sickened by anti-Australians who wish to devote money and effort to so called refugees and others before our own. There’s a war brewing in these mountains.”


The Australia First Party intends to indict the local Greens and other leftist and humanist groups for their misplaced idealism on the matter of refugees before the homeless. But the party is also campaigning strongly on heritage matters.

Mr. Hodgson added:

“The party has campaigned to protect the Explorers’ Marked Tree precinct. I will make this a priority. It is fairly clear that our Council ignores real heritage. So it is up to the people to win the fight.”

The campaign is now under way.

Blue Mountains Council Ivory Tower