Australia First holds O’Farrell to task to finish the bleedin Great Western Highway

Every time Blue Mountains residents get in their cars and hit the Great Western Highway, there is construction work.  The highway has been ‘under construction’ for decades.  What is going on?

The Labor Lot had not a clue.

Mr Barry O’Farrell, just finish the bleed’n thing!

Don’t do what Labor did and waste more hundreds of millions of our taxes on overcharging Erst and Young consultants, on half baked tollways or on rail lines to serve swinging seats, or on empty bus lanes, or on Clover Moore bike lanes that start and go nowhere.

Don’t get bogged down in some pie-in-the-sky unaffordable 25 year Transport Plan costing billions.  Your Transport Minister has already wasted $1.6 million on consultants Ernst and Young on yet another ‘NSW transport plan’!

Just pay the owed construction workers who have done a lot of the road work at Hazelbrook under the failed Reed Constructions, but which Labor didn’t pay. Talk to the relevant union, the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) and pay the outstanding wages owed and contractor invoices reneged by empty promising Labor.

Get your new Director of the Roads and Maritime Services, Tony Middleton, off his sorry arse to finish the Great Western Highway!  Gladys seems to be a go getter, but if she needs consultants to plan and can’t kick butt, step in yourself. Or old Greiner knows how to kick arse – so sik him on to the job!

And it doesn’t need to be a Taj Mahal, just finish the bleed’n highway!   Just get our Blue Mountains Great Western Highway working like normal highways!

– – –

On September 8th Blue Mountains residents can either confirm the status quo, or take a stand against self-serving Liberal / Labor-Greens agendas.  If you vote major party, you accept more of the same for 4 years. 


Australia First Party pledges to:

  1. Hound these Libs in Macquarie Street to get the Great Western Highway finished!
  2. Tell John Robertson where he and his Labor lot can get off, and the Foreign Greens just to get real! 
  3. Stop LibLabs on Council privatising community land, who have copied their State Government comrades in privatising taxpayer-funded utilities – electricity, gas, water
  4. Stop the LibLabs on Council splurging on consultants and lawyers – No win? No fee!
  5. Sack the LibLab Council management for extravagance and poor governance – remember the current lot gambled and lost $5 million in ratepayers money with Lehman Brothers. Renew management deadwood – there must be good experienced Council staff to draw upon.
  6. Re-focus Council back to its core jobs – ‘rates, roads and rubbish’ and operating within its means.  No more grandiose capital works projects. Blue Mountains ratepayers money is limited. Critical funding must be prioritised to accommodate Blue Mountains’ local homeless and local families on the brink and to get them back on their feet. 
  7. Enact by-laws to give ratepayers and local chambers of commerce decision making veto on all Council decisions that impact on Blue Mountains community values, assets, and land – it is called democracy – remember that term?  Beware that State Government power detests such local voice and plots to remove local resident councils by merger.


Ward One, Blue Mountains?

Vote Real, Vote One for Matt Hodgson

Australia First Party

Matt Hodgson – a Blue Mountains worker