2013 Western Suburbs Labor – no credibility on refugees

Mick Saunders

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Labor in the marginal seats of Western Sydney is pushing its ‘PNG’ solution to the refugee problem.

However, refugees (as they call themselves) will still be coming to Australia and in larger numbers than ever. If some are stopped at the front door for paying a “people smuggler”, others will enter silently via the back door with the blessings of the Parliament.

As long as Australia is part of the United Nations Convention on Refugees, they will keep coming.   Most who apply will be found ‘legal’ and be flown in to benefits and housing.

David Bradbury brought Bob Hawke to Penrith to speak for him last weekend – the $250
Million Man. This old traitor who has made his millions selling Australian property to
Chinese admitted twenty years ago that he had not been truthful with Australians over the extent of immigration from Asia.

He said that the truth would have been used by “racists” to derail the program. It is obvious how he profitted from his immigration policies!! Mr. Bradbury was desperate to shore up his vote for his seat of Lindsay. Australia First Party members demonstrated outside Hawke’s meeting telling the truth to Australians.

David Bradbury

Only the Australia First Party in this election has any policy on refugees that would end refugee intakes permanently.

Liberals David Bradbury

We cannot say that of the Labor Party nor its partner in the
ethnic cleansing of Australians – the Liberal Party. We cannot say that of the Greens.

Amongst the smaller parties running in Lindsay, from Palmer United Party to the Democratic Labor Party and Stable Population Party – there is still the call to take refugees.

David Bradbury pro-illegals

And in the Senate poll, even Pauline Hanson seeks “temporary protection visas” for refugees and refuses (yes, refuses by not answering the questions of Australia First Party) when we enquired: would she say “no” admissions at all and would she demand the return home of those who have come?

Obviously, the new Pauline Hanson has run so far away from the cry of “racist”, that she has sold out all who believed in her.

Australia First Party’s

Refugee Programme

  1. The repudiation of the outdated 1951 United Nations Convention On Refugees.
  2. The refusal to admit to Australia any person claiming to be a refugee.
  3. A new law on piracy to address people-smugglers and illegal-entry behaviour via boat.
  4. A new law on unarmed combatants which creates a state of war between Australia and those who may attempt to invade its territory, a notion that fits with foreshadowed twenty first century struggles over resources and living space.
  5. The moving of boats away from our shores after reprovision.
  6. The retention of the ultimate sanction of deadly force if it ever had to be used against flotillas of boats organized by foreign states or by the would-be entrants themselves.
  7. The return to their country of origin or another country of all those who have claimed refugee status since the fashionable ploy of “asylum seeking” emerged in the 1990s.
  8. The seizure of the property and other assets of all refugee advocates (whether political, clergy, legal, activist) to create a fund to sustain the resettlement of these so-called refugees.

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