XYZ – You Don’t Speak For Nationalism!

A public statement by Dr. Jim Saleam

The nationalist without nationalism website XYZ is at it again, pretending to speak for Australian nationalism. And with a clever plan!
An article published today under the penname of ‘Golem’ has a lot to say that pretty much confirms for us the snaky and dangerous quality of a group of people who wouldn’t understand Australian Nationalism, even after and by a miracle of time travel if, John Curtin, Jack Lang and Henry Lawson materialized in their ‘office’ and patiently tried to explain it to them. Let alone beat it into them.

This time, XYZ is calling for present-day nationalist leaders to come forward and set about building a “united front” and then – becoming “politically organized”. Of course, united fronts are good things, when the elements composing them are positive forces.

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Australian campaigner for the causes of women suffrage, anti-conscription agitation and challenging Australia’s foreign policies Adela Pankhurst Walsh (1885-1961) speaking in Sydney in 1931.  

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