Jun 14: We agree with Nationalist Alternative on the Reclaim Melbourne Rally

by Dr Jim Saleam,

Our friends at Nationalist Alternative have issued an official statement on the call for a united response to the threat of confrontational violence made to the next Reclaim Australia Rally in Melbourne – Saturday July 18, location TBA.

The Melbourne extreme-left deserves universal condemnation for this threat to the free speech of Australians.

Our Victorian Branch issued a statement in support of the Rally just some days ago (Read More).

The Nationalist Alternative statement also covers some political questions which arise from the Reclaim movement.

The primary aim of Nationalist Alternative is to reaffirm Australian cultural and national identity and restore the sovereignty and independence of the Australian nation.

We find ourselves in general agreement with Nationalist Alternative; like them we say openly that we do disagree with some in the Reclaim movement about issues around the subjects of Israel, immigration, multiculturalism and so forth. Yet, we see the logic that we cannot allow political correctness enforced by the extreme-left on the matters of Islamism and Islam in Australia.