Foreign Alan Joyce’s leftist-deviant plot to destroy Australia’s heterosexual sports

Multicultural deviance is undermining traditional Australia.  Imported sexual deviant Alan Joyce is steering QANTAS sponsorship to bankrupt Australian cultural sports like rugby.  Imported fat chick Kiwi Raelene Castle is in cahoots because she just wants her All Blacks to win.

Her parents are both ardent Kiwis, her father a former New Zealand national rugby league team captain. That’s why the Helen Clark femo-haircut stuffed up the Canterbury Bulldogs and did a skedaddle from Sydney Rugby League.

In the 2015 New Year Honours, Castle was appointed an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit, for services to Kiwi sport and business.

Hello, Wallabies?!  Imports have no Aussie loyalty.


It’s past time to sack the Rugby Union Australia Board and their imported Leb coach egotist Michael Cheika.

They let feminazi Liz Broderick PC castrate rugby, and implant Kiwi Raelene Castle as Wallabies boss along with RUA Chairman Cameron Clyne and Pip Marlow who are bloody ex-coroprate banking elites!