Nationalist Action

Australian nationalism is necessary for patriotic Australians because we Australian people are being robbed of our White Australian identity, independence and freedoms by globalist enemies and by treacherous anti-Australians.

Australians are losing our cherished, hard-fought Aussie way of life and sovereignty.

Nationalist Action is about mobilising a national movement to restore Australian wealth and our once celebrated ‘lucky country’.  It is about restoring our territorial sovereignty out of foreign ownership and control.  It’s about undoing privatisation of essential services and public infrastructure and putting these back into public hands.  It’s termed ‘nationalising’ the people’s assets – public health, public education, freeways not tollways, the public service, the people’s bank, the people’s airline, the people’s telecommunications.

Australia’s nationalist movement dates to the first emancipation of the convicts and the free settlers who fled from impoverished Britain and Europe.

The Eureka spirit of nationalism was cemented during the Gold Rush by the original Diggers who rose up against the corrupt British overlords and against the hordes of invading Chinese celestials.  Federation in 1901 forged an independent nation and one of the first national acts of legislation was the White Australia Policy to defend First World White Australia against the diseased Third World menace.

The ANZACs were a proud manifestation of Australian nationalism.  But it was the emergence of globalist ideology in both Communism, Multinationals, the Jewish/Asian/Arabic/African diasporas and the United Nations New World Order that has steadily undone Australian sovereignty, our wealth and our sense of nationhood.  Trade liberalisation, imposed mass immigration and multiculturalism are ruining our First World our once universally envied way of life – hard-fought for and sacrificed by our forebears.

Australia First Party drives the nationalist movement to restore Australian sovereignty, our wealth and our sense of nationhood pre Harold Holt’s 1966 unravelling of the White Australia Defence Policy.


Globalist Canberra undermining Australia

Australians, be in no doubt.  Our nation’s aloof, artificial capital Canberra is ruled by globalists of the Left and Right ideologies across the political spectrum.

Gnat-Liberals in electoral coalition are globalist multinational capitalists. Greens-Labor in electoral coalition are globalist leftist neo-communists.  The minor parties in the cross benches are but stooges of these two major coalition blocs.

That’s why nothing changes from one national election to the next.  Ordinary Australians are placed last and our quality of life, cost of living and disposable incomes are steadily being eroded.  Immigrants take or jobs and houses and local business are undercut by greedy big business and foreign multinationals.

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