Trust Labor Heartland?

Keneally Labor really went to town in its dying days.

Labor Heartland appointee Karyn Paluzzano sat on the Labor bubble values. Parliamentary expenses?  Isn’t Labor ENTITLED out here in Penrith?  This is HEARTLAND after all.

She pleaded guilty in June to falsely claiming parliamentary sitting-day relief payments between 2006 and 2007, as well as giving false and misleading evidence to a 2010 ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption) inquiry into the payments.


Aren’t there a few more bad apples in Labor in the Sussex Street vat, or is the entire faceless vat inebriate?

Then Premier Kristina Keneally protested she would not ask Ms Paluzzano to stand down as parliamentary secretary for education and training during the investigation. ”Karyn Paluzzano retains my full support.”


Labor’s Disgraced Karyn Paluzzano


Chief Magistrate Jane Culver judged Paluzzano’s actions as “repeated breaches of trust”.

Culver deserves presidency over this lot!  The entire friggen LibLab oligarchy attracts her learned opinion.

LibLab Wabbiting – Penrith is where?