Yellow Supremacist threatens Australia with China War propaganda (Part 1)

by Dr Jim Saleam, Ron Owen and others.


So China’s self-anointed dictator Chairman Xi dispatches his top con-artist to threaten Australia’s independence? Confucius Professor Wang Yiwei … likes winners.

Yellow Supremacists unwelcome, dude!

Then, the Chinese ambassador, Cheng Jingye, on the seventieth anniversary of the establishment of genocidal Red China, talks peace and economic benefit from trade and investment. But China imperialists are no different to Japanese types!  Yellow Supremacism is the issue of the hour!

Trade one minute; war the next.

Seventy five years after the defeat of Japanese imperialism, a new empire, a superpower, has arisen – and Sino (‘yellow’) supremacist totalitarianism is hell-bent on imperialist world conquest.

Melbourne’s infamous sculpture dubbed ‘the yellow peril’

China may have conned the Third World dominated United Nations of its ‘developing nation’ status, while exceeding all developed nations in massive funding of its military supremacy and imperialist annexation of its sovereign neighbours – notably Xinjiang, Taiwan, Tibet, South China Sea and Hong Kong.  All the while, Mao’s Communist Totalitarian regime condemns Chinese citizens to subsist as a slave society, Orwellian in scope and a firm patriarchal society, suitable robots for military adventure.

The timing of China’s new offensive to win Australian public opinion (right now they are working on the Labor Party) is set against the rivalry of two superpowers, one parading itself as a ‘friend’ and permanent ally and the other as a ticket to the permanent economic boom.

Australians in increasing numbers are pondering whether we should strike out for national independence and enforce a policy of armed neutrality for Australia!

We publish here for our thinking readers a long article by Queensland patriotic identity, Mr Ron Owen. Ron discusses the recent visit of Scott Morrison to the United States and asks whether that superpower really ‘protects’ Australia.


Napoleon Bonaparte said “China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will shake the world” and it will take the rest of the world to stop her from shaking the world to death.

This week U.S. President Donald Trump welcomed Prime Minister Scott Morrison to the White House for a historic state visit.

Asked whether he was only concerned about trade with China or if he saw the country as a strategic threat, PM Morrison said: “Obviously China is a threat to the world in a sense because they are building their military faster than anybody and frankly they are using US money.”


China’s increasing War Budget

PM Morrison will be having a quiet word with President Trump seeking ‘quid pro quo’ assurances that if Australia joins the USA coalition against Iran; that when the chips are down with China, America will take over China to save Australia?

The answer will of course be in the affirmative, but when the chips are down and a US President Trump or worse Biden, or worse Warren has to make a choice of going nuclear to save Australia knowing that China’s nuclear missiles will certainly take out Seattle, Hawaii, San Francisco and Los Angles killing a 100 million ‘Americans’ to save 20 million ‘Australians’.

That sacrifice scenario becomes even less likely as even if China and North Korea were wiped out, what would remain of the USA, theoretically the East Coast would not be able to withstand an attack from Russia, so even if Russia did not feel disposed to get involved it would be the last remaining World Power which would then dominate Europe and the World.

DF-41: Xi’s nuke spring rolls

Beijing: October 1, 2019:  Emperor Xi Jinping orders his imperialist military parade in Beijing to commemorate Mao’s 70th anniversary of communist totalitarianism of China from 1949 – all reminiscent of Hilter’s Nazi fascists in Germany from 1933.  The above Dong Feng 17 (DF-17) mobile intercontinental ballistic missiles are dubbed ‘Xi’s hateful nuke spring rolls‘.  They threaten a range of 15,000 km to nuke America within 30 mins.

Also featured at the event were the JL-2 submarine-launched strategic missile believed to be standard weaponry for China’s nuclear-powered subs, as well as multiple CJ-100 cruise missiles – weapons that would be used in China’s wipe-out APAC war. Australia did not get a mention.

So saving Australia from China by America is highly unlikely, even though America is following the same formula to create a war, as President Franklin D. Roosevelt did prior to World War II.

At that time similar to China today, Japan’s Naval power was beginning to dwarf America’s Pacific Fleet, Japan needed raw materials and living space from China, President F.D. Roosevelt knew that if Japan succeeded in conquering all of China then it would be an unstoppable super power so he imposed a oil and fuel ban on Japan unless it withdrew from China. Faced with having a few months supply left Japan decided to try to sink the US Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbour and struck south to capture the Burmah Oil and Seria Field, Borneo Oil, (Brunei) and the living space, food and resource-rich continent of Australia.

Due to Japan not succeeding to win the Battle of the Coral Sea, and suffering huge losses in Burma and the Kokoda Trail, Australia remained a large base on the southern flank of Japan which America was able to re-enforce.

So if Japan had struck the South Pacific, attacking Australia first, instead of an American strategic military outpost of Pearl Harbour, and not tried to take India through Siam, American could well have remained isolationist under the Monroe Doctrine.   Japan with all its military might focused upon the South Pacific would have overthrown White Australia (…with hateful stabby, stabby yellow Nips).