Sue Jakobi gets out there: Elect a nationalist to Ballarat City Council

Sue is campaigning for Ballarat Council in various ways appropriate to the social restrictions currently imposed.

It’s a postal ballot (which has some advantages with a full candidates’ statements sent to all electors). That is set for October 24.

Sue is demanding that the Council focus on providing services for voters and citizens, not enmeshing itself with the international-student agendas of Federation University. She urges too that Council promote the real heritage of Ballarat and not the ‘social-progressive’ (sic) issues beloved of a minority.

The campaign will observe also that the resumption of gold mining in Ballarat on a more commercial scale, courtesy of Yaoo Capital, is a project likely to serve only Chinese interests and not that of the workers of the city. Despite the plaintive cries of the CFMMEU and the Australian Workers’ Union, ultimately the business may fall within the ranges allowed for Yaoo to import much of its own labour. Is Yaoo linked to the Chinese strategy of One Belt One Road to which Dan Andrews’s government signed up? Will the new ‘fast rail’ to Melbourne just run to Port Melbourne where China will seize the governing interest?

Anyone wishing to assist the campaign can write to