2013 To Vote Australia First for ‘Cook’ is to put The Shire first

The Australian Flag

‘The Shire Manifesto’

for the Defence of the Heritage and Lifestyle

of The Sutherland Shire!

Dr. Jim Saleam

The Australia First Party offers itself to the electors of Cook, the citizens of the Sutherland Shire, as the party of identity and heritage, the party of cultural defence, the party for the preservation of the Shire lifestyle and environment and for people’s power via Citizens’ Initiated Referendum.

Dr Jim SaleamDr Jim Saleam
Australia First’s candidate for the Seat of Cook
for the September 14 Federal Election

I am your candidate and I commit myself to those principles.  But I am also campaigning on an issue of mass public concern: the continuing refugee assault upon Australia’s coastline.

This means I am an ideological candidate. Although I am not a Shire native, I have entered the contest because I wish to ventilate this urgent national issue with Scott Morrison, Member for Cook.

Mr. Morrison has been saying a lot about these ‘refugees’ or ‘asylum seekers’ as they call themselves. He echoes Tony Abbot’s mantra that he will “stop the boats”.

I seek a political brawl with Scott Morrison whom I must accuse of being a shameless fraud, a liar of the first order.

This is no ordinary election campaign, nor is the decision being made by the voters of a single electorate so important. Many of you are about to vote Liberal, putting Scott Morrison not just back into parliament representing ‘Cook’, but into the job of Minister for Immigration.

The direction of Australia’s immigration and refugee policies will settle the future of our country.

Into the Immigration Ministry you are about to elect this consummate actor with his job to do. I don’t blame you. He has been working overtime to convince Australians that in some way or other he and his Liberal Party will ‘stop the boats’, that growing surge of boats bringing the unwanted flotsam of various countries to Australia for a life of privilege. He is there to tell you that it will be different come election-day in September and put you back to sleep.

No it won’t be different.

Morrison and Co. will certainly ‘stop the boats’ – by flying the planes.  The Liberal government will turn boats around and then process these persons off- shore at some detention centre wheresoever it be. They will then assess the  claims of these ‘refugees’ and as ever 90% plus will be found to be ‘legitimate’ (sic) as the boatpeople have been up to now (are we surprised?), they will be flown in – to welfare, houses, benefits, cash. They will then be ‘legal’ and their admission to Australia will conform to the United Nations Convention On Refugees.

Boat IllegalsMore than 22,000 economic illegals have invaded Australian waters in the past year!

So does Scott Morrison intend to Scrap the Refugee Convention?   Does he intend to end the refugee program?


Yet, if you watch him as he speaks, you can almost see his lie.  The clever indictments of “Labor failure”, “budget costs”, the “loss” of border control and so forth will be made. And the phrase about “stopping the boats” will be thrown about to throw you off.

Sadly, some will be deceived to believe he has substance.  However, it is all in the facial expression if you look hard enough. The happy-clapper church-goer knows that he is deceiving the people. Perhaps his God will forgive him; but the Australian People cannot.

Scott MorrisonLiberals’ artful dodger

The Morrison game reminds me of John Howard’s Tampa affair in 2001 when many Australians assumed he would return a boatload of so-called refugees. He didn’t and they were all flown in later.

And it gets worse. As Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison will oversee the growth of the Northern Zone, an area to be turned into the “Asian food bowl’, a super-mining zone to be exploited by the rising Chinese superpower. Into that zone will pour the so-called refugees and many of the migrants coming as ‘legals’.

They will be joined by an army of cheap labour on temporary visas. Within a decade Australians will be an absolute minority there and the area will lose its Australian character. Scott Morrison will serve as a veritable Kommissar for Slavery, the master of a new Kanaka labour force, this time drawn from Asia and in the tens of thousands.

The Liberal Party commits a blood treason against the Nation. It threatens the Australian People with ethnic cleansing, not only in the North of our sacred country, but in our cities as the ‘Big Australia’ continues to be their goal.

This contest in the Shire is an opening round in a duel with the Liberal Party waged by Australia First Party and other patriotic people.

From my point of view, it is one thing to address an evil policy; it is another to confront those who will tell you (when it suits) that what I may say is just not true.

Scott Morrison’s close colleague Louise Markus, let out the truth of the Liberals’ policy:

“In Dandenong, the South East Melbourne Manufacturers Alliance is bringing employers and young refugees together; the National Australia Bank’s African Inclusion Program is exemplary; and social enterprises, like The Studio, are inspirational. These initiatives deserve special mention and prove that cooperation, cross-cultural awareness, and commitment provide tangible results.”

It’s all there: business traitors, banks, diversity propaganda and refugees.


The people of the Shire are in the box seat to be witness to our opening shots in this fight for Australia. Given the friendly reaction of many people to whom I talk, I am proud that they can now see and have taken the path of resistance. I have received their offers to vote for me, their handshakes and I hear their words of despair that the country is being betrayed.

CronullaAustralia’s Way of Life
Fought hard by our Australian forefathers in war, must be defended!

In this election, I say not one refugee. I say return them all. And as I have warned, send them with a gift – monies to establish a new life back home drawn from a vast fund seized from the assets of the traitors who brought them here.

Let the politicians, the business opportunists, the lawyers and the refugee advocates pay for their treason.  That is what it has come to because these forces will not let go.

I am saddened that it has come to this in Australia, that we must now fight with another group in a no holds barred contest; but I am strengthened by the words of the true father of the true immigration policy after the Second World War – Arthur Calwell. He said that there was much in Australia that needed to be put right one day and that Australia would have its great moment in history when that would be done.

I rely only upon ordinary people in my fight in the Shire. Scott Morrison has the Liberal apparatus. It is his links with his own supporters that brings the big picture down to local size.

My credentials in the Shire

Seat of Cook Map

My credentials in the Shire go back to 2005 with the Cronulla Civil Uprising against the ‘racist violence’ Australians had endured. The Uprising was an act of counter cleansing.

Our party stood up for the Australian youth after the Civil Uprising of December 11, 2005, the first moment since 1966 when the White Australia Policy was abandoned – that Australians ruled their own streets. On that day I was interviewed at length by some media and in subsequent weeks spoke out against every falsehood directed against the Shire and its youth.

I never shrank from advising youth to avoid the political police dragnet. I conferred with youth whose own parents gave them up to political prosecution.

I was vilified in the media, but I never turned away. I was called ‘racist’ and all that stuff. I don’t really care. The truth is the truth.

The Civil Uprising marked something that has determined the history of the Shire ever since. The Liberal Party Premier Barry O’Farrell spelt in out in November 2011 when he said that the Shire was “too monocultural”. He vented his hatred of the Shire and stated he would do in the open what former Mayor Schreiber and the rest have been doing with deceit and various activities since 2005.

Simply: they aim to break the Shire’s Australianness by any means necessary.


We can see in the Shire what the local Liberal Party intends to do.

I call it “culture bust.

They change the architectural look of the place; they flood the area with ‘migrants’; they intensify business activity to render it all just another commercial hub. Identity is challenged at every turn and under the impress of force and falsehood – it cracks.

I say no!

Save Our Shire

The Liberal Party plans to destroy the quality of the Shire and Labor ‘opposition’ won’t do much about it either. Therefore it must be a people’s resistance.

As we campaign, a new Shire Council development plan has been advanced for key areas of the Shire. Loftus-Sutherland-Kirrawee, and Miranda-Caringbah are set up for culture-bust via new ‘Urban Activation Precinct’ projects.

The plans are part of the monstrous State Government scheme to explode Sydney’s population to six millions by 2031. That is seen as positioning Sydney in the Asian Pacific economy and the boom that is supposedly never to end.


I would naturally ask – From whence does this population come?

The answer is clear: it is from Immigration.  And whence do these immigrants come?
The answer is: from (generally) Asian sources.

Needless to say, such an open conspiracy was never put to any real consultation let alone referendum. Nor would it. It is to be imposed. Scott Morrison knows all this and he approves of it.

I must quote from some material put out by a local Shire citizens’ defence group:


“The new plan will affect EVERY DWELLING in our Shire.  In our “town centres”, council is suggesting much higher and many more blocks of residential flats.

There are proposals to drastically increase the extent of “centres” to create huge “Hurstville-like” mini-cities. In our “residential zones”, increases in Floor Space Ratio (the size of the house) and decreases in Landscaping (the amount of yard) mean that the character of our Shire will change from a green leafy area to a mass of tiled roofs.

Even areas that might expect to be “safe” from change, formerly 2E2 (environmentally sensitive) zones, will not be protected and will allow for houses that are 25% larger than the existing permissible size.”

There are plans for thousands of new dwellings and businesses.

The Liberal party apparatus of the Shire is up to its neck in all of this. Many of these little rats and plotters will profit from it.

Scott Morrison is part of the Liberal Party and was a former Director. He knows all this and is an agent of it. He knows that the big Sydney is part of the big Australia idea and he understands where immigration and the global money system is taking us.

In this election, it is the Australia First Party that upholds the Shire interest.

Two competing ideas

There seems two overarching and competing ‘visions’ for our country. The Scott Morrison idea has a big Australia of 50 millions perhaps with us, the Australian people, reduced to minority status, with open borders for foreign exploiters, a twisted land of neon-lights and business precincts hooked in to a global market myth. As for the Shire – well, that’d be a memory.

Scott Morrison pretty-much-shares that perverted vision with Labor.

I reject the Liberal and Labor parties. They have in key ways morphed into a single entity with two heads which serves to deceive people that there is a democracy. In truth, they serve only the vested interests; they are but a revolving-door-politics, where each governs in turn and is removed in turn, but the money system stands The long term goal of these parties is to have more of Australia divided amongst the foreign investors – which they falsely say gives the assurance of a road to prosperity for all.

There is an alternate vision. It is the idea of an Australian that serves us and feeds us and should trade only to advantage, an Australia where all share by their own effort and labour.

Sutherland Shire Heritage

In my place, I affirm the working class who has generally voted Labor; and, I affirm the tradies, the professional and the small business people who have usually voted Liberal. I pledge to represent all who in the past guaranteed the prosperity of Australia.

The two ideas exclude each other. One is right and the other is wrong. We are determined to stand up and win back the Promise of Australia.

There must be action, but the old parties can’t do it. By voting Australia First, you put Australia First, the Shire first.

By voting against Scott Morrison you do Australia and yourself – a favour.

Cooks Landing Australia's Heritage