2013 Australia First Party to field Senate ticket In New South Wales

Media Release
June 12, 2013

The Australian Flag

An Australia First Party Senate ticket will be run in New South Wales, the party’s
National Council announced yesterday.

The ticket is led by Mr. Darrell Wallbridge and has as second man, Mr. Garth Fraser.  Darrell has been a Councils’ candidate for Australia First in Coffs Harbour.  Garth is a party organizer.

In this election, there are a welter of parties of one sort or another, many still to be registered by the Australian Electoral Commission. Only one party – Australia First Party – is unequivocal on the matter of the so-called ‘refugees’, or as they are called by their supporters, ‘asylum seekers’.

Australia First Party says Australia should accept none. Not one, ever!

More than that, our party demands the removal of all who have come to Australia for a life of welfare and free cash, back to their country of origin or another destination. We are not interested in their lies, or even their tales of woe; we are interested in the well-being of our country and our people.

We demand that the billions wasted on refugees be spent for the benefit of Australian homeless, pensioners, veterans and students.

Vote 1 Australia First Party

Australia First Party has been compelled to run this Senate ticket because of the intervention of Pauline Hanson. Many people believe that Pauline Hanson is opposed to the refugee invasion.

We do not believe this is the case.

Australia First Party states it clearly that the Hanson policy on refugees is in
practise the same as Abbott’s – stop the boats by flying the planes.

By this we mean that boats may be intercepted, then their human contents ‘processed’
off shore and given that Hanson knows as Abbott does that most will be found ‘genuine’
according to United Nations rules, they will then be admitted to Australia – flown in by plane.

Hanson and the misleaders of One Nation years ago complained that their policy on
refugees was stolen by John Howard in 2001. The off shore process idea, first Hanson’s plan became Howard’s border protection policy, as it is now Abbott’s and as shared by Hanson. It is just a policy to admit refugees.

In fact, at no point does Pauline Hanson call for the repudiation of the United Nations Convention On Refugees. Nor does she demand the absolute exclusion of all so-called refugees.

She certainly does not demand the resettlement elsewhere of those who have come; indeed, given her position on the ‘assimilation’ of all and sundry into European Australia, Hanson can only believe that they can ‘stay’ and ‘assimilate’. We note that Pauline Hanson refers to “temporary protection visas” – a ticket into the country and citizenship once they produce children on Australian soil.

This overall policy is poison. It is anti Australian and a policy of ethnic cleansing of the European Australian people.

The Liberal Party knows that when it wins government, a pliable One Nation cranking on about the same themes of ‘stopping boats’ (while flying the planes) will be a great ally in the deceiving of the Australian People.

There has always been a sort of ideological and underground bond between the Liberals and Hanson, despite their battles and despite Abbott conspiring to have her jailed.
Their so-called mutual ‘conservatism’, the policy for assimilation of actually unassimilable migrant groups and so on – binds them together.

Pauline Hanson’s Facebook page should be read by all patriotic people. It epitomises
betrayal wrapped up in verbal tricks.


Redhead Egos
Pauline Hanson says she’s the red-head you can trust.
But why is her refugee policy the same as the Liberals?

We see all sorts of chatter there about “temporary visas” and opposition to “people smugglers” and firecracker anger at the abuse of the refugee program But you do not read what you read from Australia First. You will not read of the need to terminate the program absolutely.

As we have noted on the national television program Sunrise, Pauline Hanson referred
to refugees who come “the right way.” She referred negatively to the boatpeople whom – we can only assume – are coming in “the wrong way.” Australia First says that there is no right way and no wrong way; there must be only no way!

Our free offer to Pauline Hanson

The Australia First Party will probably not outpoll Pauline Hanson in the Senate race. She beats us in the celebrity stakes. So, we make her an offer and do it in public. It may be the case that, given the number of Federal electorates we are contesting and our name-recognition throughout the State, we should have some tens of thousands of second-preference votes to disburse.

We now offer these second-preferences to Pauline Hanson. This statement made in public will be complemented by an approach made in private. However, there is catch. We must ask Pauline Hanson the following questions:

1.  Do you believe in repudiating the United Nations Convention On Refugees?

2.  Do you believe that no refugees processed via any United Nations’ camp etc. should be admitted to Australia henceforth?

3.  Do you believe that the ‘boatpeople’ (whether dubbed ‘illegals’ or whatever), should be permanently denied entry to Australia?

4.  Do you believe that those ‘refugees’ (so-called) who have entered Australia under United Nations rules should be encouraged to leave Australia? Let’s just start there with the ones who have entered Australia from the time you entered Federal Parliament?

Satisfactory answers to these questions in writing will see Australia First Party commit to passing its preferences directly to Pauline Hanson.

It is our concern, whether it is political correctness, cowardice, or even more darkly, a deep collaboration with the Liberal Party – that Pauline Hanson will decline our invitation to answer our correspondence and accept our offer.

Given everything that Pauline Hanson has said of late, we believe we are now more or
less on different sides.


With or without Pauline Hanson, Australia First Party serves the Australian Nation;  it accepts no compromise and as the party says: we will surmount all obstacles to win victory.

We will reclaim Australia!