Treachery Within

..condoned by Liberal-Gnats-Greens-Labor Coalition in Canberra.

Treachery defined:  ‘betrayal, disloyalty, perfidy, perfidiousness, faithlessness, unfaithfulness, infidelity, bad faith, breach of trust, duplicity, deceit, deceitfulness, deception, false-heartedness, falseness, stab in the back, back-stabbing, double-dealing, untrustworthiness.’

..Sound familiar about politicians in Australia?

How about branch stacking, safe seats, gerrymanders, political donations, campaign marketing, slush funds, election promises, sloganeering, political rhetoric, preference deals, dirty tricks campaigns, Senate blocking, backflips, backstabbing, dual citizenship, corruption?

It’s hatefully anti-Australian, it’s nationhood death by a thousand cuts out of self-serving Canberra.

Backstabbing Australian VotersThe Globalist Self-Interest Enemy Within


Mining Industry Fascism

Disrespect for Australian Heritage

Traitors to our Nation

Free Trade Con kills Business

Multiculturalism corrodes Australian Way of Life

Privatisation is Public Theft

Globalist Propaganda the original Fake News

Labor Party Capitalist Globalism

Offshoring is Fully Imported Scabs

Elitist Aristocratic Entitlement

Corporates deny training

Stop Exploitation by Big Business

Puppets Unfit to Govern

Outlaw Corporate Donations

Hateful Leftards a treacherous violent cult

Greens Party Communist Globalism

Greedy Banks and Brokers Rorting

Major Party Stooges

National Party Lapdogs to Libs and Multinationals

Liberal Party Capitalist Globalism

Government Incompetence & Corruption

ABC Fairfax joint leftist propaganda

Judges deny justice to victims

Stop Rates and Tax Hikes

Agenda 21 threatens our sovereignty

Ban Import Dumping

Not in Australia’s Strategic Interests

Canberran Mistletoe

Withdraw from the Leftist United Nations

Dysfunctional Defence and Intelligence

Economic eggs in one China basket case

Political Correctness is Leftist Totalitarianism

Polly Pigs in the Property Trough

Prosecute and Ban Evil Cults

Withdraw from the New World Order

Leftard Welfarism

Volunteering lets Canberra waste more