Visit Communist China for holiday? Be prepared for Beijing baseball bats bashing British entrenched democracy

China’s emperor Xi Jinping and his ‘One Belt One Road’ dream of global domination certainly manifested its will yesterday in Hong Kong. Beijing enforced it’s authoritarianism dispatching a gang of thugs wielding confucius whip-sticks against the free people of Hong Kong.

Media reports show Chinese men wearing white, attacking protesters and commuters at Hong Kong’s Yuen Long MTR station yesterday on Christian Sunday, July 21 in 2019.   At least 45 commuters were injured, with one person in critical condition, according to the city’s hospital authorities.

Eye-witnesses said the invading thug group of armed white shirts particularly targeted black-shirted passengers who had been at an anti-government march.  The attack came after several thousand activists surrounded China’s representative office in the city, later clashing with police. It has Chairman Xi Jinping’s cultural stamp all over the attack.

Chairman Mao 2

The latest violence in Hong Kong comes on the back of Xi Jinping’s self-annointed presidency for life, Beijing’s invasion of Tibet and  Xinjiang, Beijing’s susequent persecution and genocide, Beijing’s military annexation of the South China Sea, its threat of invading Taiwan, plus all the commo totalitarian public face recognition CCTV and overflowing concentration camps.

Back in 1997, Britain had surrendered its sovereignty of distant and small island Hong Kong colonial territory over to mainland China  Hong Kong became a special administrative region and continues to maintain governing and economic systems separate from those of mainland China.

It was because China’s then leader Premier Deng Xiaoping in preliminary talks with British PM Margaret Thatcher, threatened that his China would invade and seize Hong Kong if the negotiations set off unrest in the colony. Thatcher would not sacrifice British forces in the face of a massive out-numbered and more powerful enemy.

Thatcher later said that Deng told her bluntly that China could easily take Hong Kong by force, stating that “I could walk in and take the whole lot this afternoon”, to which she replied that “there is nothing I could do to stop you, but the eyes of the world would now know what China is like.”

This is what China is like – backward, barbaric, prejudiced, racial superior, authoritarian, dangerous, violent, to be avoided.

Today 45 locals were beated by Beijing Brownshirts innocuously clad in white t-shirts at one of Hong Kong’s busiest railway stations.

Wasn’t this the Yellow Peril fear that convinced Canberra’s military commitment and enforced conscription of thousands of our young men into the Vietnam War (1962-1975) to contain Chinese communism?  Lessons learned?  Not!  Canberra under PM Whitlam, Fraser, Hawke, Keating, Howard, Rudd, Gillard, Abbott, Turnbull, Morrison have happily embraced trusted relations with China (diplomatically, economically, socially, militarily).  But not ethically.

Australia’s so-called ‘Free Trade Deal’ with China is a misnomer.  It is only benefiting China and a handful of elitist millionaire exporting lobbyists based in Australia.  The corrupt unfair deal negotiated by traitor Andrew Robb is killing local Australian jobs and businesses.  The University of Technology Sydney’s ‘Australia-China Relationship Institute is morally bankrupt.

Holiday in China?  Trade with China?

A totalitarian hermit kingdom.  What was naive writer Yang Hengjun, thinking he was somehow immune by grabbing Australian citizenship and returning to China?

Canberra is ramping up pressure on Beijing over the “arbitrary detention” of Chinese-Australian writer Yang Hengjun, with a prominent Government MP demanding his release.

A critic of Communis China, Mr Yang has been detained since Saturday January 29 in 2019 after stupidly flying from New York to Guangzhou in China.  Beijing reckons Mr Yang is being held on a charge of “engaging in criminal activities endangering China’s national security”

Liberal backbencher and chair of Parliament’s powerful intelligence committee, Andrew Hastie, accused Beijing of coercion, and suggested the detainment of Mr Yang was designed to deter members of the Chinese diaspora from speaking out against the Communist Party.

Bring it on.  Australia needs to diversify its trading relationship well away from totalitarian dystopian imperialist China.

China’s landing on the dark side of the moon is only for political ‘re-education camps’ – out of sight, out of mind.

Australian trade continues to blindly bow to China – comfortably numb elites.

Let the Great Wall crumble.  It was always a symbol of containment.

Wake Up to China Hermit Kingdom