Liberals abandon Penrith – their Jackie Kelly a false ‘independent’

We have already commented on the activity of Jackie Kelly in Penrith City East Ward. We have said  that she has been put forward by the Liberal Party to take over whatever part of the disillusioned  Labor vote as can be managed and to stop that support draining away.

Australia First proudly sits above the party political swill.  We have concluded that establishment politicians are aware that the Australian working people and disadvantaged people in Penrith East are turning away from the Labor Party.

Jackie Kelly, the ordinary girl, was always a good choice.

It now transpires that the Liberal Party will not endorse any candidates for Penrith City in the election due on 8th September 2012.

It has been reported that this was the result of factional feuding between the so-called ‘hard right‘ of David Clarke and the ‘moderates‘.

Of course, all these labels have little meaning for the Australian working people. Both the hard ones and the soft ones are all about capitalism in its globo mode and they hardly care about poorer Australians.

Ok. So now Jackie will appear on the ballot as an ‘independent’ ?

Liberal Party’s Jackie Kelly
Libs adopt Labor’s desperate ‘whatever it takes’ tactics

Whatever the case, Australia First Party will carry the fight up to this pimp for the wealthy and fight for the interests for the ordinary Australian.