Jun 7: James Hutchings attempted lawsuit against AFP President

We received the following item from the President of the Australia First Party, Dr. Jim Saleam:

“Many members and friends have contacted me regarding the proposed lawsuit of James Hutchings against myself and possibly the party. Yes, I regard this as ‘legal warfare’, the use of the civil law system, no less than has occurred in the past to many nationalists with the criminal law system, to achieve… a political result. Of course, given the ‘nature’ of the plaintiff, it cuts both ways and is either a dangerous move – or a desperate move – on the part of certain forces who work with him and for whom he also pays with loyalty.

Clearly, I believe there is a ‘hand’ behind this new move. I shall not say here why I believe that, but many of you have said it too.

I will fight whatever is sent at me. Of course, this is not my fight, but our fight. It is an attack upon freedom of speech and democratic liberty, in the 150th anniversary year of Eureka Stockade. We will deal with this attack as we always have and win not just the immediate duel, but smash into those shadowy networks which call out the ‘Antifa’ and other street thugs and protest elements to stymie our freedom. The game is afoot!”