Wollondilly a target for a planned ‘Population Boom’: 25000 new houses!

The Wollondilly Shire is one of the areas of Greater Sydney likely to face an immigration-based population boom.

The plan is to construct over 25,000 new homes in the Shire over the next fifteen years. One would wonder for whom these houses are to be built?

Some might say it is for the migrant  masses who are yet to arrive in Australia? Many say – why increase Australia’s population at all? ; what of the cultural problems and the environmental issues? Certainly, these houses can hardly be meant for our Australian citizens.

As the New South Wales government changes planning laws to allow developers greater rein, it is fairly clear that development (sic) is linked to immigration, that sacred cow of our economic system.

A strong hint that this is definitely so has come from the Premier of New South Wales, Barry O’Farrell, who in Novemeber last year, thuggishly smeared two areas in Greater Sydney (Sutherland Shire and Hawklesbury) as “too monocultural”. The idea of increasing the population of these areas from immigrant source pools was advanced directly by him as a means to socially engineer them into “diversity”. This open conspiracy  is described by Australia First Party as ‘culture busting’ and ‘racism against Australians’.

For several years now, the idea of developing and populating the western fringes of Greater Sydney has called our politicians and their business masters to action. They are bow ready to move.

Campaign Rumbles

As our campaign has developed in Wollondilly Shire, Australia First has been challenged by a few persons, whether genuine in their objections or misleading in their counter-claims, that we are being untruthful about the population plan.

It has been said to us that we are simply ‘scaremongering’ or just trying to upset people for some advantage.  Yet, the facts are incontestible. It is coming down now to which side people are on.

The Facts

In their “New housing boom makes councils fume” (Sydney Morning Herald, December 13 2007), journalists Sunanda Creagh and Wendy Frew, reported on a development planning scheme, the  ‘South West Sydney Sub Regional Strategy’, which slotted in some 155,000 homes in South Western Sydney over the next 20 years, with some 5230 set down for with Wollondilly Shire.

Things have moved on quickly since 2007.

Matthew Moore in his “Rezoning blitz in search for housing” (Sydney Morning Herald, 30 January 2012) examined the Planning Department’s scheme to place over 100,000 homes on Sydney’s fringe, in the north-west and the south west.

Moore quoted Les McMahon, General Manager of Wollondilly Shire:

“Under our growth strategy we would get 10,000 sites in next 20 years.This proposal increased that by 26,000 sites…” 

McMahon considered the government’s plan “fine”, although he was hoping the scheme would add up to more than simply “residential”.

Well, we now know where Mr. McMahon stands.

Moore continued his theme in “Clash of ambitions: 25,000 new homes or a new Sydney airport” (April 13 2012). This time around, the particular target was Wilton where others had proposed building a new airport. The deputy manager at Wollondilly Shire, Luke Johnson said: “We did a calculation if they all went forward we came up with a figure of 25,000 houses” around Wilton.

“That’s 60 or 75 thousand people”, moving into the area.


Firing Line

It doesn’t matter which ‘Ward’ of Wollondilly Shire you live in, you are right in the firing line.  The structure of life in the Shire, its cultural quality, its economic well-being – would be entirely overturned by the immigration revolution.

Australia First says it’s time that immigration just ended.

If Australia First wins a seat in North Ward in Wollondilly Shire, there’ll be at least one councillor who will be doing all that is possible to say ‘no’. it’s not a case of ‘not in my backyard’, but that’s an impossibility for Australia in general.