Loyal Liberals expendable at the hand of Liberal’s faceless

It has been reported just before the New South Wales Council’s election of last Saturday, September 8, that popular long serving Liberal Councillor in the Blue Mountains, Clr Fiona Creed, “was knifed by the party’s faceless men.”

Clr Creed has loyally served Blue Mountains constituents from her Ward 4 base for the past ten years.

“I believe that I’ve worked very hard for this community for 10 years” she said, “not just in Ward 4 but throughout the Mountains.”

Yet, the Liberal Party cast out its loyal member and instead plonked school leaver Brendan Christie, aged just 21, as Creed’s replacement candidate.

“I feel very privileged to be elected to represent my local community on council at such a young age,” the youngster said.  Who wouldn’t?  But then youngins are more malleable – he’ll find out.

Yet the far more senior, well-known and locally highly respected Clr Creed admitted:

“I believe I wasn’t thought well enough of for pre-selection because I listened to the community, because my focus was community and not party politics.  I’ve never been a party politician.  I’ve always been a community representative.”

This says everything about the LibLabs, their loyalty, their tactics, their faceless men, their values.

Loyal Liberal Councillor Fiona Creed, until the Libs faceless made her ‘expendable’