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Melbourne’s African flesh-eating Buruli Ulcer outbreak – more imposed harm from Canberra’s indiscriminate mass immigration policy

Australia can do without Third World measles, cholera, typhus, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, Ebola, Zika and the like.   HIV/AIDS originated from the deepest, darkest Africa from natives eating chimp meat and blood.  And Australia can do without the gangrenous Buruli Ulcer originating…

Avi Yemini’s ‘Reclaim Australia’ a ziopatriot agent modelled on Jez Turner’s London Forum

Read More: https://unitednationalistsaustralia.wordpress.com/2017/09/17/street-protests-our-favourite-waste-of-time/   So who is blow-in-from-nowhere Jewish activist Avi Yemini, suddenly leading Reclaim Australia? ZIONIST WATCH Bleeding obvious MOSSAD AVI:   The truth will set Australians free from Israeli subterfuge