Australia Week for True Blue Aussies

Things True Blue Australians ought to consider doing this coming Australia Week, a time for celebrating and kicking back.

While the big day is January 26th and this year blows in on a Sunday, Australia’s national week for the uninitiated unofficially kicks off on Friday January 24th and stretches through to Sunday February 2nd.  You little beaudy!

The Oz Week activity list sanctioned by Australia First Party, Australia’s premier and only truly nationalist political party:

  1. Stay in Australia
  2. Fly the Australian Flag
  3. Get out of the cities, and give the Bush a fair go
  4. Head down the beach or to anywhere where the water is nice
  5. Go boating, fishing, camping, surfing – buy your fuel in advance to beat the price gouging bastards
  6. If you’re an employee or contractor (aka a ripped-off employee), chuck a sickie – an Australian institution
  7. If you’re an employer, don’t be a bum – let all your staff take a sickie week off
  8. If you’re a business entrepreneur – take a well-deserved mental health week off.  Life’s too short!.
  9. Dress down, go full-blown mufti – thongs, uggs (if chilly), don the Oz bucket hat
  10. Seek out a good independent butcher to load up the barbie, avoiding the supermarket cartel
  11. Fire up the barbie and emit carbon – we wanna see a waft from every backyard!
  12. Dust off the bat and ball and get into some beach cricket, backyard cricket, side street cricket, cane toad golf
  13. Check out a live band, hoe into a parmi or barra at a good local pub – a country one in an area that copped the fires
  14. Buy local, buy second hand and spend cash – don’t encourage the banks, tax office or imports
  15. Party with mates, picnic in a park with family – try a pav, lamington, meat pie, dinkum Aussie tucker
  16. Support your local sporting club
  17. Reclaim Australia Day – avoid miserable Canberra, the leftie sheltered workshop is shunning the big day
  18. Avoid watching SBS, they hate Australians
  19. Avoid citizenship ceremonies  – we don’t want to encourage more foreigners
  20. Raise a glass for the First Fleeters and the making of Australia – best nation on Earth!

A Top 20 for 2020!  Happy Oz Week!