2010 Australia First Party and Senate Group C Candidates make an agreement

Australia First Party candidate for Lindsay, Mick Saunders, along with a member of the State committee of the party, met on the weekend with the candidates of Senate Group C, Messrs Tony Robinson and Noel Selby.

They made an electoral agreement of interest to Lindsay voters.  Both Mr. Saunders and Mr. Selby were candidates in the recent Penrith-State-electorate by election on June 19.   Australia First Party agreed to endorse Senate Group C and the group would endorse Mr. Saunders for Lindsay.

Mr. Saunders said:

Our how to vote card in Lindsay will suggest to voters that, after casting a vote for me as the Australia First Party candidate, they also consider voting for Senate Group C.

Whilst we have differences on some issues, we find ourselves in agreement that Australia’s population must stabilise, that immigration be no longer considered a sacred cow and so-called asylum-seekers be turned away.

Both sides see the two party system as undemocratic and demand reform. Voting for minor parties and independent candidates is one way to get better representation.”

Mr. Selby, speaking for Senate Group C said:

Both Tony and myself thank Australia First party for their support. I received some 1100 votes in the Penrith poll. I ask these voters to carry that vote on in the Federal poll on August 21 by supporting Senate Group C in the Senate and Mick Saunders of Australia First Party for Lindsay.

Both Tony and myself may not concur with all of the party’s beliefs, but we think Mick is standing up on issues that have to be talked about in the public arena.”

Australia First Party and Senate Group C candidates have agreed to make this statement public.