2013 Australia First Party nominates Alex Norwick for Chifley

March 28, 2013


The Australia First Party has nominated Mr. Alex Norwick for the Federal Seat of Chifley in this year’s poll.

Alex NorwickMr. Alex Norwick


Mr. Norwick was a candidate for the party in the 2010 poll.

Alex Norwick was raised in western Sydney and has been a worker in various jobs throughout his life.

Our party has been active in the Seat of Chifley for some time.  A team contested  just one ward of Blacktown City Council last year and almost a thousand people supported us.   That is the start.

The Australia First Party is committed generally to its full Community And Electorate Programme, which can be viewed its main website:


Chifley Spells Security

The Seat of Chifley electoral programme for Australia First Party is being currently drafted into a mass leaflet.

It involves:

1.  A Citizens’ Initiated Referendum – where you, the voter, can propose not only changes to the Constitution, but actual legislation and have it voted upon by all Australians.

2.   Nationalising Electricity to lower the cost of power and place fixed assets back in the people’s hands.

3.  Urgent action on Homelessness in Western Sydney with acquisition of lands to build modern and friendly estates, units and houses.

4.   Protect Australians from Mass Migration – countering all activities of government and business forces that favour immigration, refugee admissions and contract labour.

5.  Ensuring a healthy viable Chifley – Saving Chifley from relentless migration driven population explosion. That means an end to the immigration policies of the LibLab major parties and the Greens.

Alex Norwick said:

“You can say whatever you like about me or Australia First Party, but at least our hands are clean.  We are not tainted by the corruption that has engulfed the Labor Party recently and which has also entered the Coalition parties.

I was not born into wealth nor ‘position’ like many Liberal politicians, and I didn’t come up as a spiv lawyer in a trade union office like so many Laborite politicians.

I have been a worker and I know the value of earning a living in difficult conditions. 

I have also contributed to developing the ideals of the Australia First Party, those things that sum to a new ‘Australianism‘. 

I have written extensively on the history of the great nationalists of the old time Labour Movement.”

NSW Premier Jack LangNSW Premier Jack Lang
Two terms:  1925–27, 1930–32

Jack’s wife spoke of him to the audience:

“… one day, he said to me:  ‘Look, my girl, we have no money, and I suppose we never will have any, but we have our children. We have nine of them, you know, and they are going to live in Australia when you and I are no longer here, and, by heaven, I am not going to allow anyone to ruin Australia if I can lift a finger to prevent it.'”