Australia First Party

Welcome to the national website of Australia First Party, the only registered nationalist political party in Australia.

This website is to serve our members and supporters as well as to inform Australian nationalists about pertinent issues, campaigns, events and policies of the Australia First Party.  We have various contributors to this website and the content is closely screened and regularly updated.

Australia First Party firstly formed in 1996, and then reformed in 2007. Our senior membership proudly hold Australian nationalist credentials, nationalist involvement and activism extending back to the 1960s.  We have a deep understanding and considerable academic research and knowledge base of Australian history and nationalist heritage to 1788.  Our party president, Dr Jim Saleam, holds a PhD in Australian politics and our head office in Sydney maintains an extensive library in Australian nationalism that would rival any university.

This makes Australia First Party the most experienced and informed nationalist organisation in Australia.

We have branches across the nation and our members and supporters are active in a number of Australian causes pertinent to the identity, freedom, independence and sovereign future of Ordinary Australians.

There is a growing resistance to the politics of New World Order liberal-globalist-capitalism throughout Australia and in the rest of the world. Australian families, workers, farmers, small business owners and other patriotic working people are recognising they are bonded against a globalising traitor/ruling class of money and position.

This patriotic resistance requires a new sense of direction and a new leadership. This leadership can only come from the various forces of nationalism and patriotism in this country. There must be a non-sectarian and co-operative spirit in building activism at the base level amongst all nationalist and patriotic people. This unity in action will be the first stage in winning political and organizational unity. A united movement can then best direct the resistance struggle.

The failure of erstwhile patriotic movements and parties to build a movement amongst the people to affect change – is marked. Beware that there are a number of fake Australian patriot groups out there that secretly really have allegiances to other political parties and various globalist and foreign interest groups. Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party is a stooge of the Liberal Party.  Other so-called patriots have links and funding from the New World Order, multinationals, foreign nations and Zionists.

We know that government, our political opponents, media, fake media and enemies of Australia – traitors, globalists, leftists, right-wing conservatives, foreign interests, and disruptive elements – also read this website.  Let them; they might wisen up and learn something.  We monitor their activities too and we often read extracts and ideas ‘borrowed’ from this site ‘adapted’ elsewhere.

Australia First Party remains truly independent of any other organisation and our allegiance is only to needs and concerns of Ordinary Australians and the national interest first and foremost.

You may contact Australia First via our website link or by phoning us on 02-9559 2070.

All nationalists and patriotic Australians now have a political vehicle. They are urged to get behind Australia First Party and should consider membership, support and/or assisting to finance our Australian nationalist movement and to get into government.   The party is registered in New South Wales and became a Federally registered political party in June 2010.

In joining this new force, applicants are affiliating to a national movement of men and women dedicated to a program for the reaffirmation of Australian identity, independence and freedom.

We welcome membership enquiries from true Australian nationalists.

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