Australia First Party Nominates Maurice Girotto For Penrith Council

April 30 2012:

The Australia First Party has nominated Mr. Maurice Girotto to lead our ticket for Penrith City Council East Ward in the September 8 poll.

The party ticket has five members. The ticket includes Mr. Mick Saunders who was an Australia First candidate for the Lindsay Electorate in the 2010 Federal Election. The party is registered for local government elections in New South Wales.

Mr. Girotto said today:

“I  would be honoured  to represent all residents if I was to win in the upcoming council elections in the East Ward of Penrith City Council on September 8.”

The Australia First Party has noted that the both the former Labor government and the current Liberal government have slated the Nepean area for massive development, over 40,000 homes.

Mr.Girotto continued:

“This is a problem if the farming land, parks and recreation areas are the cost of such developments.  We’ve only got to go back a few years when people were objecting to the development of the ADI site. Were they listened too and were they correct in what they were claiming? 

It’s easy to sit back and pass judgement and to have an opinion. It’s another thing to get up and be counted. That’s why Australia First stands for Citizens’ Initiated Referendum; there’s no party line to follow, it’s all about what the people want done with their communities. This is not the type of political system we have been used to where faceless people from the major political parties do back room deals without consultation from the people it affects most …you.”

I fear our political elites are out to change Australia into something that will not be in our interest. I would like to be able to stand up on everyone’s behalf and say for our collective behalf yes or no – instead of being told that this is what is going to happen and then it’s too late. We don’t allow that logic in our homes so why do we have to put up with it in our home town? 

If we don’t fight the population explosion driven disaster that is looming, or at least question and seek answers on this matter of importance, we will also see the destruction of one of Sydney’s key fresh food-producing areas. This also puts unbearable pressure on our already immensely strained services, such as roads and rail that are far beyond capacity now. 

Development has caused inflated real-estate prices that are only making the developers richer and pushing home ownership beyond the average family. I stand for infrastructure improvements, but not where it is factored as a means to facilitate a population explosion in Penrith City.”


The Party has a comprehensive local programme.

Mr. Girotto continued:

“In this campaign, my policy is:

  1. Citizens Initiated Referendum as a right in Penrith City.
  2. Council action to help alleviate homelessness.
  3. The establishment of a truck car park, council operated, secured and charged for, to allow owner-drivers the option of taking their vehicles off suburban street.
  4. Resistance to the destruction of the farmlands and the lifestyle of Penrith City by the development and population schemes of the political elites.

Mr. Girotto concluded:

“As a member of Council I would listen to what the people of Penrith City want and take up issues on their behalf as a veritable people’s ombudsman. I know that I may be up against the Liberal Party mafia that will seek to undermine us all in the interests of the Macquarie Street agenda. 

I have never backed down from a fight and I believe I am qualified for the job, not simply the routine job of Councillor, but for the real job I have set myself.”


Maurice Girotto:   Essential Facts

  • Maurice Girotto is 50 yrs and has lived the last twenty five years in Penrith City.
  • He is married with an adult family.
  • Maurice, has been self-employed and for the last twenty years has managed his own transport company as an owner-driver and now runs his own Heavy Vehicle Repair workshop.
  • In 2008, Maurice participated in the National Truck Shutdown and was one of five people asked to sit in a meeting and speak to the then Minster for Roads, Mr Michael Daley, over the National Transport Commission’s recommendations for log books, orwork diaries for the drivers of heavy vehicles.


Maurice Girotto has an appreciation of the needs and interests of Australian working people and plain common sense.