Jun 25: Sheikh Rattle And Roll

Our Members shall be demonstrating for the people and heritage of the Hawkesbury on Tuesday night at 6 pm outside the Council buildings at 366 George Street, Windsor.

St Matthews Anglican Church Cemetery

The issue of the Muslim Cemetery planned for Blaxland’s Ridge has angered the people of Hawkesbury and many have heard our argument that the affair is really just a part of the NSW Premier’s attack upon the “monocultural” nature of the region.

It is intended that many opponents of the plan will be attending the Council meeting on Tuesday.

We shall rally outside.

Rally Report:  ‘People’s Struggle Sinks The Muslim Cemetery Plan’

The Moslem cemetery near Windsor has been refused a development application. That does not mean an action in the Land And Environment Court will not be mounted, nor that it won’t be successful, so vigilance is required.

The Council is Liberal and despite its adherence to NSW Premier’s principle that the Hawkesbury district is “too monocultural”, they were forced to accept the weight of evidence against the proposal.

But it was people’s struggle that was decisive – the meetings, the mass petition, the publicity. Some councillors also complained of a “terror campaign” of Australians against them and which they found “disturbing”.

The Australia First demonstration outside the Council meeting on Tuesday night was very well received.

Muslim Cemetery in HawkesburySheikh Rattle And Roll

The party thanks Sheikh Rattle And Roll ,who in full attire with his sign ‘Bury Me But Not Here’ – amused all.


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