Penrith 2012

Australia First Party Nominates Maurice Girotto For Penrith Council

Collapse of the Labor Vote in Penrith Labor Heartland

High Praise Indeed: Maurice Girotto Likely To Fight Jacki Kelly In Penrith East Ward

Homelessness in Nepean Region shows up Liberals: Maurice Girotto calls for Council Action

Penrith Voters please note: Labor is corrupt

Liberals abandon Penrith – their Jackie Kelly a false ‘independent’

Penrith Council Election – same old Labor and Liberal abuse of Penrith Valley Heartland

Maurice Girotto holds to his promise in Penrith East Ward

Penrith Seat: AFP’s Maurice Girotto fighting a tight race against deputy mayor

Trust Labor Heartland?

Australia First Party claims a win in Penrith Council

Australia First Wins Council Seat in Penrith City