1 April 2023

Australia First Party

The only truly Australia party for all true Australians.

Policy 5: Abolish Multiculturalism

  • End the divisive, government-funded and institutionalised policy of multiculturalism forthwith.
  • Expose the failures and costs of multiculturalism to the Australian people – dates back to Labor’s eccentric Gough Whitlam in 1973 and his biased ethnic Minister for Immigration, Al Grassby’s speech entitled ‘A Multi-Cultural Society for the Future’
  • Facilitate a series of Australian public debates about multiculturalism and Australian cultural heritage, independence and identity
  • Recognise that Multiculturalism is genocidal white population replacement.
  • Publicly campaign for the abolition of multiculturalism and invite selective international contributions
  • Explore superior replacement models for multiculturalism such as ‘interculturalism’, which relates to social cohesion, shared participation, and practices; as well as ‘voluntary biculturalism’ in which Aboriginal/Torres Strait Australians choose self-determination options within the nation state.
  • Repeal multicultural legislation at national level to all relevant Acts – unravel the deculturation of Australian identity to foreign will.
  • Repeal the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 and all legislation condoning the multicultural ideology.
  • Abolish the Australian Multicultural Advisory Council and all taxpayer funding of any pro-multicultural organisation.
  • Repeal the Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986 and abolish the Australian Human Rights Commission – to be replaced by an Australian Ethical Code and and Australian Values Standards
  • Repeal the 2011 Federal Policy ‘People of Australia – Australia’s Multicultural Policy’.
  • Legislate a new comprehensive national law along the lines of the Australian Cultural Loyalty Bill, following the conceptual lead of he Netherlands 2011 integration bill.
  • Legislate for Australian Values Standard: https://australiafirstparty.net/national-restoration/aust-values-standard/
  • Legislate for Conditional Citizenship: https://australiafirstparty.net/national-restoration/conditional-citizenship/
  • Keep legislating and deporting until true Australian identity is assured across Australia
  • End immigration
  • Other methods to be employed as the need arises.