Capitalism Without Creed – The Third Phase of Australian Cultural-Political Rulership

Under Imperial Constitutionalism, patriotism was determined by a monarchist devotion, while advocating for an independent Australia amounted to Bolshevism. In the first phase — and the pre-perestroika part of the second phase — the greatest threats to rulership were communism. At no time in our history has nationalism been allowed to flourish to the point of rulership. Strangely, communism has become acceptable to a capitalist class which once ran McCarthyist purges against those believed to be red. This disparity in trading with Communist China we define as ‘capitalism without creed’, since the capitalist ‘system’ has become divorced from the capitalist ‘essence’ which when running free has no conscience and honours only allegiances that result in profits.

Wind up Malcolm Fraser’s sham Administrative Appeals Tribunal – it’s just a tool of the leftist Refugee Council

Malcolm Fraser’s Administrative Appeals Tribunal needs to be scrapped.  It’s current president Injustice Duncan Kerr is a former leftist Labor politician (Tasmanian seat of Denison 1987-1996) and excuses fake refugees. Appointed by the leftist Rudd-Gillard legacy For starters, judges should not have…