Australia First Candidate for Penrith 2015 condemns mosque development as “Culture Bust”

Press Release November 1 2014


The Australia First Party’s sponsored candidate for Penrith in the 2015 State election, Victor Waterson, has said he will campaign against the scheduled Mosque development in the Penrith area.

Victor WatersonVictor Waterson

Victor Waterson stated:

“I agree with many other objectors to this proposal. Yes, there will be crime problems, transport difficulties, issues with land prices and a high degree of cultural separation, mistrust and possible violence. However, I think this matter goes far deeper. Our party calls it ‘culture bust’ and I say this is a deliberate policy of government as it wages a demographic war to actually change the population make-up of areas dubbed ‘too monocultural’, that is areas where Australians predominate. “

Australia First Party defines culture bust as a method whereby an alien group is ‘introduced’ to an area with some cultural or other proposal. Opposition is worn out, the area settled, a cultural signature is set down, and then the politicians proclaim it normal; the dominant group disintegrates in alienation, fear and isolation and its community structures are broken.

Australia First Party notes that it is not just the Greens and Labor who support the proposal, but the Liberals are in it too.

Victor Waterson said:

“The Liberals as a party of big business and not a party for working and small-business people, supports it to achieve culture bust. Once chaos engulfs a united Australian community, they can get on with the real job – the Asianization of the Penrith CBD and a mass influx of (chiefly) Chinese business, property buyers and immigrants and even 457 Visa immigrants working for low rates of pay. It is a hard truth, but the Mosque is just a battering ram for a revolutionary change in Penrith.”

In conclusion, Victor Waterson has called for a united front to defeat the Mosque:

“I advocate the creation of a people’s united front to sink the Mosque, A united front means that many individuals and groups act separately but still in tandem, swapping information, making joint protests, respecting each other’s differences, but moving in a united direction. Australia First is constructing just such a front in Wyong right now to defeat the Chinese Theme Park development. We call for community action – now – in Penrith.”

Australia First activists will begin public activities in several days.

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