Immiscible ethnics undermine Australia’s monocultural bliss


There can be absolutely no doubt that many years ago the honourable heads of government around the world decided to follow in Napoleon Bonaparte’s footsteps and aim for a world without boundaries. This was decided upon after the last Great War – the intention was good. A world without boundaries; without national borders and no national traits must surely put an end to future wars – a noble gesture indeed.

Unfortunately it has had the directly opposite effect.

People were comfortable having around them people who looked the same; spoke the same language and thought the same – people whose history paralleled theirs. They dressed the same and had the same aspirations and ambitions.

Civilised Australia


But all of that has changed; they are expected to assimilate; different clothing; different colour; different faiths, and so on; people are confused, and with that confusion comes fear. Fear of political correctness, fear of offending, fear of unexpected responses.

This stewpot of differences has brought unexpected changes to us, such as knives, guns, swords and violence – it has brought resentment, envy and a lack of perpetual cohesion to our lives. It has brought religious violence and intolerance – it has brought uncertainty to the majority; many of whom would like to return to the status quo of earlier times.

The newcomers do not assimilate, they gather in enclaves where they practise those ways that they practiced in their own country. We see them by majority votes taking over local councils, government of this country and we fear for the changes to come.

Politicians have changed our way of live and transplanted foreign ways into our cosy worlds – and we are worse off for it.

Meanwhile, 5 Tips For Avoiding African Gangs In Melbourne

by Clancy Overall, Spade

So you’re visiting Melbourne?  We hope you’ve arranged security or vigilante backup.  With African gangs running amock nightly throughout the streets of Australia’s second-largest city, most visitors don’t make it beyond the Tullamarine Freeway before being car-jacked. If you do make it to your hotel unmolested, here are some tips for staying safe while you’re here.


  1. Don’t go out to restaurants or nightclubs. One of the reasons Melbourne is known for its food or café culture is because locals are discerning, but since the Vanstone Golliwog Rollout, Melburnians wisely opt for home delivery by vetted locals.  White Melburnians are simply too scared to go out into blackened Melbourne after dark for fear of being carjacked and mugged by African gangs. Every weekend, Melburnians who own black luxury cars lock them in the garage and instead head out to cafes, restaurants and little bars hidden down laneways by hiring GoGet shitters. It’s just so they can drive along Melbourne streets to have a good time and the Africans just ignore them.  Follow their lead.   If you do go to a restaurant, ask to sit in the ‘non African Gang section’.  Given the sheer number of African gangs in Melbourne, most restaurants now have an ‘African Gang’ and a ‘Non African Gang’ section. Never dare sit in an ‘African Gang’ section even if it is empty.  Never go clubbing unless you want this and expect to be, well clubbed.
  2. Don’t go to the beach, especially to St Kilda. Sudanese juvenile gangs are known to congregate along beachfront promenades along Port Phillip Bay’s foreshore suburbs from South Melbourne to Frankston.  It’s why people in Melbourne avoid the blackened bay and instead choose to travel further afield outside the metropolitan area along the coast  sunbake and swim – and why you should too.  Don’t attend basketball tournaments.
  3. Don’t take public transport. Since the increase in African immigration (Vanstone Golliwog Rollout) taking public transport has become dangerous.  Whites boarding a tram, bus or train are odds on more to cop an African gang mugging – all ICE’d up to the gills, hooded up and armed with machetes they board and demand all White passengers hand over their wallets, jewelry and women.
  4. Don’t post where you’re going on social media like Facebook or Snapchat. The African gangs monitor these platforms and have their stolen cars and weapons ready to roll and gatecrash.
  5. Don’t stay at a dodgy Airbnb especially at the EQ Tower or out in home-invasion blackened Narre Warren, just don’t; especially Westfield at Fountain Gate. Dubbed Melbourne’s “most unsafe” shopping mall, it is deepest darkest for gangland apocalyptic terror.  You have been warned.

For up-to-date information, tune into Melbourne Radio 3AW. This radio station monitors the African invasion of Melbourne daily.

Australian Lives Matter.