Campaign Round Up for our supporters

Hawkesbury Rally Draws Support

Sunday: About 30 members of Australia First Party rallied in Thompson Square, Windsor. Banners and flags announced their presense.

Tony Pettitt, lead candidate for Hawkesbury said that in this fight he represented the working people of the city against the greedy elites with their development plans. He stood on the side of the local activists who were fighting to save Thompson Square from a bridge development. Other candidates spoke about their areas and wished Tony well.

State party chairman, Dr. Jim Saleam, spoke of the inherent corruption of the big party machines and their criminal plans for a Big Australia which impacted upon local heritage and lifestyles. Hundreds of leaflets were given out and people pledged their votes.

In the next fortnight, 10,000 new leaflets will be placed in Hawkesbury mailboxes.

Penrith Campaign Builds

Maurice Girotto has found increasing support as his campaign workers hit the streets. Again and again we hear Australians critical of the money privilege handed out to refugees (as they call themselves).

A members and supporters meeting this weekend will set the tone for the last fortnight of the campaign. With votes ‘breaking up’ for the final two seats up for grabs out of the five available in the ward, the party’s aim must be a double-figure vote tally. It is within reach.

Wollondilly Activists Gain Attention

Gloria Watling, our lead candidate in Wollondilly is working daily amongst people, creating new contacts and distributing material. Party posters are on display on fences and some businesses.

Greens Concerned at Australia First in The Mountains

Australia First supporters have distributed over 4000 leaflets in their First Ward target.

Information relayed to us reveals that the Greens have found our campaign “disturbing”.

Clearly the ‘liberal-left terror’ which has silenced many patriotic people in the Mountains for years – is over.

The Matt Hodgson team may cross the 5% line, says a critic in one of the major parties, pointing to the growth of a nationalist clientele there. Ignored for too long in Blue Mountains politics, the less well off citizen in this ‘refugee welcome zone’ is making his voice heard.

Sutherland Shire: Party Still a Household Name

Australia First will pretty much leaflet the entire Ward A by election time. With other advertising, the party aims to keep its vote on par with our vote in 2008.

Australia First candidate, Karl Glas said:

“We are aware that the main party effort this time is not in the Shire, but we aim to keep the Eureka Flag high for Jim Saleam’s run in the Federal poll in 2013 against refugee shadow boxer, Scott Morrison.”

The party’s activists have continued to find that the name is still a household one in the Shire.

Blacktown: A Portent of The Future

Veteran nationalist Terry Cooksley, leads the ticket for Ward 5.

While the party campaigns for the re-nationalization of electricity supply and free public transport in the City (to assist the unemployed into work), the underlying issue in people’s minds is migrant crime and violence.

In Melbourne, police statistics there confirm that Sudanese and Somali-born young males are five times more likely to commit crimes than the broader community.  Sydney’s suburb of Blacktown has festered into an African ghetto, and is set to explode in the same direction as their co-racials in Melbourne.

Australia First should maintain its voter base in Ward 5.

Recruits to the party are now coming forward.