Wollondilly rate increases all about O’Farrell’s immigration sprawl

At every opportunity over recent years Wollondilly Council has upped its rates impost on Wollondilly’s low income rural people.

Wollondilly Council and its political careerists, have conned the New South Wales State Government into allowing it a special 6.4% rate increase in June 2012 to fund an extra $2.53 million needed to “balance its books and carry out much-needed works..and to pay for the carbon tax.”

All residents need to be open eyed to the deceiptful pretence of a revenue generating department the New South Wales State Government has long set up under LibLabs, with the crap (hold back the diahhorea) euphemism of:

‘IPART’:  The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal’ with all its big wiggs enjoying a six figure salary

This means Wollondilly residents can expect to be hit with an extra $2000 in rates charges over the next seven years, depending on land revaluations.  Strangely enough that other revenue arm of State Government, the Valuer General, has seen fit to decide Wollondilly land is worth more, given O’Farrell’s massive Sydney sprawl plans for the shire.   Higher land values mean higher rates.

This comes after Council’s Waste and Environment Levy hike in April this year to fund outsourced SITA for domestic waste collection. Residents may also recall Council’s previous ‘Stormwater Levy’ a few years ago in 2009 “to improve Wollondilly drainage.”    Residents were slugged an extra $25 and businesses up to $325.

But wait, there’s more!   More ratepayer hikes on the way. O’Farrell’s Liberals are set to ‘relieve developer chargers’ for subdivision housing across Sydney’s outskirt shires like Wollondilly and Camden.  The State Government is planning to slug an Immigration Housing Tax on all Sydney ratepayers to raise money for parks, libraries and other community facilities in ‘new suburbs’.

You’ve seen what’s happened to Campbelltown under Labor.  Well Camden and Wollondilly are next in line for the ‘land releases’, just like the sale of Oran Park raceway in 2010 to developer Landcom when Premier Keneally relessed the land for 7,500 new houses.  It’s now called ‘Oran Park Town’ – one of the new suburbs heading Wollondilly way.

In April last year, O’Farrell announced his plans to release 10,000 additional home blocks across Sydney, including in the Macarthur region.  The spin was “it is designed to ease price pressures on families.”     What O’Farrell did not mention was that those families are foreigners arriving by the tens of thousands by plane into Sydney International Airport every single year and they are here to stay.  Arabs, Pacific Islanders, Asians, Indians, Africans, asylum seekers, you name it.

O’Farrell Liberals need to free up land to provide another ethnic ghetto just like Rosemeadow, lovely place it has become.  Last month two Pacific Islanders wearing hoodies held up a woman worker with a shotgun at the Rosemeadow TAB agency.

Sydney’s South West (‘Sydney’s Gaza‘) is extending to Wollondilly – home invasions, drive by shootings, armed robberies, muggings, stabbings, gang violence, bikie turf wars.

The Liberals, like Labor, don’t care.  They don’t care about food security or about the rural landscape of Wollondilly.  LibLabs will allow more imported food, more immigrant housing because for their coffers is translates to more rates, more taxes.

If rates and taxes increasingly come from immigrants, do LibLabs care?   Have they ever?

Australian LibLab politics is self-servingly all about Graham Richardson’s ‘whatever it takes‘ edict.

Abbott ready to tour Campbelltown in 2010