Nov 2: Defamation – just another day in politics

I can see that I have been defamed today by the redoubtable Nick Folkes and others (they call themselves ‘patriots’) who post on his Facebook page.

What’s new? The people who founded his Freedom Party were well versed in the defamation of yours truly and other nationalists, had even set up web pages to do it, employed other pages to pursue it and utilised their own wagging tongues to extend it.

These people played a major role in splitting the old Australia First Party and they went on to co-found the Australian Protectionist Party. Once it became clear to them in early 2012 that they could not completely get their way there – and to carry on their ‘mission’ – they split the Australian Protectionist Party too and defamed its leaders. They seem to desire to conceal that. I wonder why?

Of course, the defamation of the nationalist cause usually centres on defaming me and that has been a creative pastime for them.

Today they overdid themselves and we have recorded everything. Now, they have reached a new and special stage.

Now they say that they are true patriots and that I am a fake patriot.

That is an old trick for an interloper and it actually has a literature which discusses the technique.

Brigadier-General Kitson explained over a half-century years ago, his theory of “the counter gang”.

Someone with a purpose (perhaps a state agent, a party agent, a person with an individualized ‘mission’) looks at a party or organisation in existence. He founds a group with a satisfactory name and symbol and a programme similar enough to the first group so as to appear that both are related. He engages is some similar activities with similar targets as the first group. He will also branch off a little into other areas (where he wants to stymie things ultimately in a bog) and suggests these areas are the better targets. He suggests that the first group has some good features but that it has drawbacks: usually it has a long history that suggests to his criticism it has not yet reached a ‘takeoff’ stage’ – something which is blamed on the poor image of the group, the poor leadership style of the main leaders and ideas about this or that which are said to show it has backward logic. After a while and gaining some supporters here and there by his actions, he ultimately suggests that the first group is a ‘fake’, that it is malignant and outside the true cause. He then tries to supplant it brushing off the criticism of the first group as sour grapes, paranoia (if the allegation is made that it is him who is the fake) and obstinacy to change and modernization.

The counter-gang is a deadly competitor for the legitimate structure. It has the chameleon-like capacity to deceive. Because it repeats endlessly its mantras some people even believe that its claims may be true or on equal standing with the first group. There are many sides to the game but I’ll leave it with what I’ve said.

It is fairly obvious to all who really know Australia First Party that it is a structure born of a historical tradition of Australian nationalism. It says with reason that it has helped to define the very idea of Australian Nationalism in the modern time. It has struggled against the conservatives in the Liberal ‘Right’, various reactionary circles, populists, you name it – to maintain the clarity of the idea. The idea is the only idea which can grip significant forces to fight the true struggle for Australian identity, independence and freedom.

It is also clear to anyone with actual political intelligence that the leader of the Australian Party For Freedom who now unleashes his defamation-weapons – just isn’t a serious player. After all, no one really could accept as politically serious a bloke who relishes in publishing pictures of himself with a (Saudi?) flag protruding from his rectum? Or condoms stuck to his eyes? Or his body wrapped in toilet paper? And more besides. However, there are those in play who see this ‘party’ as a vector for trouble-making written large. That is the political function of the Folkes group.

Some people say: wouldn’t it be nice if patriotic people could just get on? True. However, this Freedom group is the sworn opponent of Australian Nationalism because it is simply something out of the Kitson rule book.

Let the chips fall where they may.