Matt Hodgson for Blue Mountains Ward One

The distribution of Australia First material all over First Ward is all but complete. Several people have contacted Australia First saying “I’ll vote for you”.

Many residents have been bombarded by glossly leaflets in their letter boxes from the major parties promising vague motherhood promises.  For instance, if the Liberal candidate is promising ‘better roads’ what have his mentor legacy Liberals in control of Blue Mountains City Council been doing for all these years?

The Liberals must consider Blue Mountains voters to be mugs by recruiting a novice to lobby for “better roads”?  While over many years Liberal Mayor Daniel Myles and Liberal Clr Chris Van Der Kley have dominated Council and have had ample opportunity to better our roads.

The Labor Party’s candidate also promises text book vagueness.  Why would a Labor candidate be promising highway upgrade, when the Labor Party has poored hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ money into the Great Western Highway over many years, yet has ignored and abused Blue Mountains locals in the process and simply can’t get the job done.

Look at Labor’s highway wrecking record across the Mountains.  Labor trashed NSW under Bob Carr, Morris Iemma, Nathan Rees and Kristine Keneally.  Look at the degrading of Australia under Rudd Labor and Gillard Labor!  Labor exists only to please Labor’s own interests.

As for the horsetrading Greens, it has been revealed that The Greens have considered the appearance of Australia First in the Mountains to be the “disturbing” thing about this year’s campaign.  But all we get from The Greens is vague motherhood rhetoric promises going unfulfilled.   What have ordinary Australian families felt from the Greens but increased costs of living and foreign favouritism?

Matt Hodgson instead represents a different sort of candidate – a worker.   Matt stands for the Blue Mountains ordinary voter without a voice.

Matt Hodgson – a Blue Mountains worker

On September 8th Blue Mountains residents can either confirm the status quo, or take a stand against self-serving Liberal / Labor-Greens agendas.  If you vote major party, you accept more of the same for 4 years.


Australia First Party pledges to:

1. Stop the major parties’ self-indulging in corporate deals like the Blackheath airstrip sell off.  Stop rates being squandered to Taj Mahal shopping centres, disguised as ‘cultural centres’ in Katoomba and Springwood.

2. Liberal, Labor and Greens snub our poor.  Council must start accommodating Blue Mountains’ homeless and local families on the brink. Council’s wasteful spending on consultants must stop.  Vital rate revenue deserves to go to crisis accommodation for locals in need with dedicated care

3. Sack the Liberal-Labor/Green Council management for extravagance. Renew management dead wood. Current Council gambled and has written down $5 million with Lehman Brothers. Council rate hikes expect ratepayers to fund its poor governance.

4. Enact legislation to enshrine ratepayer votes in all decisions that impact on Blue Mountains community values, assets, and land.

5. Install a local residents’ right to call for referenda on important Council decisions.