Penrith Voters please note – Labor is corrupt

Labor’s disgraced former Penrith MP, Karyn Paluzzano, has pleaded guilty to falsely claiming parliamentary payments.  She has also pleaded guilty to a corruption inquiry nearly six years after she first signed forms to say her staff were with her in Parliament or in her electorate office when they were not.

On Thursday, 7th June, Paluzzano, 52, pleaded guilty in the Downing Centre Local Court to three counts of making false and misleading statements under the terms of NSW Parliament sitting-day relief entitlements.

She also pleaded guilty to giving false and misleading evidence to the Independent Commission Against Corruption in 2010. Paluzzano signed 18 sitting-day relief forms between 2006 and 2007, falsely claiming that staff were either working in her Penrith electorate office or with her in Parliament.

Paluzzano first denied the accusations of rorting at a preliminary commission hearing in April 2010 but admitted three weeks later to falsely signing the sitting-day allowance forms.  So she lied as well.

After completing its inquiry in July 2010, the commission recommended that criminal charges be brought against Paluzzano.  She is due to be sentenced on 9th August.

Labor will do anything to stay in power, to get into power, to get its way with the electorate once in power.  To rot goes right to the top.  In August 2010 Julia Gillard promised the electorate: “There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead” in order for her to get elected.  Gillard’s Carbon Tax kicks in in two weeks’ time.

Gillard lied as well. Labor can’t be trusted.