Australia First Party nominates for Sutherland Shire Council

May 30 2012:

The Australia First Party has nominated Mr. Michael Chehoff to lead our ticket for Sutherland Shire Council Ward A in the September 8 poll.

The party ticket has three members. The party contested the same Ward in 2008 and polled 4%.

The party also plans to contest the Federal Seat of Cook (which embraces Sutherland Shire) in next year’s 2013 poll.

Mr. Chehoff said today:

“I am pleased to represent all residents, the working and small business people and old people and youth, of Sutherland Shire on the ballot for Ward A on September 8.

I do not represent a moneyed-interest. I represent the people’s interest.”

“I have been a Sutherland Shire resident all my life and own property here. I am outraged by the idea that the Shire is to be developed into a high density enclave. I have noted the words of the State Premier and Shire Mayor Provan who consider the Shire ‘too monocultural’ and how they welcome the population boom planned for the Shire as it will break the Australianity of the area in favour of ‘so-called ‘diversity’.

This is a racist attack upon Australians.

The approval of new developments at Kurnell and Wanda Beach are to be deplored. Within a decade, the Shire we knew will not exist.”

Australia First Party has been active in the Sutherland Shire since the Civil Uprising of December 2005, which earned the hatred of the politicians and the corporate elites.

Facts About Our Candidate:

  • Michael Chehoff works in Sutherland Shire.
  • Michael was previously a candidate for the Australians Against Further Immigration party.
  • Michael has been usually employed as a technical manager.