Policy 4: Reduce and Limit Immigration

  • Immediately suspend all immigration into Australia
  • Recognise that immigration mistakes are causing big long-term problems for the social cohesion and financial burden of Australians.
  • Amend the Migration Act 1958 making necessary restoration of key elements of the 1901 Immigration Restriction Act
  • Immediately withdraw Australia from the long abused UN Refugee Convention of 1954
  • Immediately cancel all visa types excluding holiday visas, and abolish all forms of residency outside citizenship
  • Introduce a new visa system
  • Repeal the Australian Citizenship Act 2007 and introduce restorative Conditional Citizenship legislation, based upon the Australian Values Standard
  • Immigration policy must take into account social cohesion, employment opportunities, urbanisation and environmental issues.  Disturbingly, all these are currently ignored by governments.
  • Review Australia’s population policy, carrying capacity and socio-economic infrastructure
  • Deport all illegals on Nauru and Manus Island back to their countries of origin
  • Shut down all onshore detention facilities
  • Relocate all detainees in onshore detention facilities to Nauru
  • Source alternative offshore detention options to replace the Manus Island detention facility
  • Reintroduce the White Australia Policy of 1901.
  • Establish bilateral arrangements for automatic prisoner repatriations with relevant nations, so that incarcerated Australian citizens serve out their commensurate sentences in Australian gaols, and foreigners in Australia serve out their sentences back in their countries of origin.


These proposals are for discussion.


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