Why I am a Candidate in the Marrickville City By-election

by Dr. Jim Saleam

Jim Saleam, Australia First Party
I am a candidate for Australia First Party in the by-election for West Ward in Marrickville City Council due on November 25, 2014.

Why did I nominate?

There will be over 10,000 votes cast in this ward. Almost certainly, the Labor Party will poll over 40% of the vote, the Greens, will receive a third of the vote and the Liberals should get a quarter of the vote. If I poll over a 100 votes, I’d be pleased; and at 200, I’d be ecstatic.

So, why bother?  Is it that we’ll get a few write-ups in the local press?  Perhaps to endure for useful propaganda to effect a ritual denunciation on the Net courtesy of some Trotskyite group like Socialist Alliance or ditto – a rant from the anarchists?

No. Hardly.

Yet having said that, I am sure we’ll enjoy whatever the extreme-left has to say. It is always edifying to upset fools.

Of course, Australia First Party has a logic of its own.

A matter of political control?

I noted some few months ago, that the Greens had started a door-knock around Sydney inner city suburbs.  They were reacting to Australia First’s ‘Overseas Students Go Home’ public meeting at Tempe, last July.

Read: https://australiafirstparty.net/campaigns/2014-campaigns/marrickville-2014/fears-over-rise-of-xenomania-in-inner-sydney/

I particularly noted this comment:

“This initiative was generated by local residents who really just wanted to show that the inner city community only accepts tolerance and diversity and is willing to stand up to racism wherever it occurs,” she said.

“We wanted to make clear that this kind of racism has no role to play in the type of community we want to live in.”

To us, it meant that the globalist Greens could not allow us a square millimetre of political space within which to organize our movement. We have to be confronted. We have to be challenged. Our voice must be drowned out lest one student, one schoolie, one pensioner, one worker, might find his way to the cause of Australia and Australians first.

So only ‘harmonious’ voices, not discordant shouts, shall be heard in their inner city tolerant (sic) utopia.

Given our resources as opposed to their resources (and those of their allies), it might be thought that the Greens were expending a lot more than we did – because they must!

Indeed, they must, or suffer the consequences.

I read too the Antifa (anti fascist) group said back then that Australia First Party was just plain stupid to publicize a meeting and organize a meeting about overseas students in the inner city. They suggested that the inner city was politically unfavourable to us because it was demographically distant from our recruitment markets. Essentially, they said we were just wasting our time, which meant that we could make no gains.

Really? Then I and my comrades – must be silly people indeed?  Not just ‘racists’, but not too bright?

Naturally too, the extreme left played at political violence and harassment around that time and later. Indeed they must, or suffer the consequences.

Are they all sure we have gained nothing?

For the globalist alliance of the Greens and the extreme-left, control over the politics of inner city Sydney is important. Culture is politics. Demography is politics. Inside this zone set by certain suburbs, these groups feel free to dictate the political agenda and to some real extent they do. They feel that this area is a stable base area from which they can play a role in Australian politics. And they are right.

Marrickville Greens for more Asylum Seekers

Some people say that the lash up of sexual politics, refugee advocacy, leftism, pseudo-environmentalism and anti racism is ‘cultural marxism’, a perfect adjunct to the globalist system. I think that’s pretty right.

Therefore, it must be the intent of Australia First to undermine this Green / extreme-left control of the inner city and to cause these forces to expend a disproportionate amount of energy to maintain whatever hegemony they have.

Why? Because the slow bleeding of these globalist forces, seen by all as they fight us, not only weakens their political impact generally, but invigorates our nationalist forces to further action everywhere.

Green thuggery

The Greens are not beyond establishing street-level alliances with the extreme-left. That was the temper of things on July 25 at a Marrickville counter-demo against a group critical of Islam in Australian society. At this demo, the Greens united with Trotskyites and Antifa.

On Facebook, the Greens reported:









25 July: A small victory for our beautiful multicultural community in Marrickville today.

Greens:  Happy Ramadan!

120 people celebrating our multicultural community chanted down a handful of confused and miserable ‘patriots’ at Marrickville Woolworths just now.  No free speech for racists!

Greens anti Australian

“No free speech for racists”? Now I know that the Greens class me as a racist. Quite frankly, I don’t give a damn. However, the idea that I or any other Australia First member would be intimidated into silence by the Greens or the extreme-left would be delusional thinking.  As delusional as a Green transgender advocate of gay rights wishing an imam – “Happy Ramadan”! By stating openly that Australia First Party, whom they would and have described as “racist” should have no free speech, they have opened up a new era in political warfare in the inner city.

That is not be shied from but welcomed.

Australia First founds inner city branch – AF (Central)

So what is my campaign in Marrickville about?

Just recently, the NSW Chairman of Australia First, Lorraine Sharp, commissioned the formation of an inner-city branch in Sydney – AF (Central).

AF (Central) has been founded as a part of this campaign in West Ward Marrickville. It is part of a challenge from a pygmy in inner-city politics to a (current) goliath.

However, this branch will not be like a regular branch. It has no other function than to wage a political-guerrilla struggle with the forces of the street-level and community globalists.

Australia First will assemble and then organize that sliver of people in inner Sydney who do stand by traditional and Australianist values. It will search out those students at the universities and school youth and older Australians and European traditional migrant folk and workers who hold to a patriotic politics, and create a branch of activists to contest the inner city with the globalist Greens and extreme-left.

The campaign

If there are a hundred or maybe a couple of hundred votes for Australia First in Marrickville West, then there are probably small minorities of people who will reject the cultural Marxism of the Greens and the extreme-left in the other municipalities of inner Sydney – in Sydney and Leichhardt.

We are now committed to locating these Australians. We are now committed to building our activist structure in inner Sydney.

And that’s why I am a candidate for Marrickville West.