Sutherland Shire battle for the minds of Australia’s Youth

Sutherland Shire Battle For The Minds Of The Youth:  Brainwash Campaign At Cronulla High On ‘Asylum Seekers’, by Dr. Jim Saleam


The campaign of Michael Chehoff in the Sutherland Shire’s Ward A, has come just at the right moment.

As I write, SBS is showing the second installment of its mass brainwash ‘Go back Where You Came From’, a sterling effort in mis-information for the mentally susceptible. Here SBS intends that Australians see ‘asylum seeking’ as some legitimate exercise in country shopping by folks allegedly under dire threat of murder and mayhem from the very same groups they’ll later meet on Australian streets as fellow United Nations’ accredited ‘refugees’.

It is SBS which inverts the truth. Rather than focus on the organized immigration rackets, the massive numbers of such ‘refugees’ seeking access to the unlimited welfare, the racist hate that these ‘refugees’ feel for the ‘wealthy’ Australian in general, SBS plays games with the psychology of a weakened people, hammering into them the idea that disposssession is moral and good.

I say that SBS is acting in full consciousness of what it does. By issuing kits about Go Back To Where You Came From to Cronulla High School youth, it shows that it intends to alter their perspective towards acceptance of ‘asylum’ as ‘legal’ and right and resistance as morally wrong.

On the evening news (Tues. August 28), SBS paraded some well-meaning kids ‘rebelling’ against their parent’s ‘conservatism’  on the Refugee Question.  Is illegal invasion really a ‘question’, or in most rational Australian minds, a ‘No Brainer‘?

Australia First has said that the local politicians in the Shire have already been working ever since the Cronulla Civil Uprising of December 11, 2005 to undermine the area’s Australian identity. The promotion of refugee migration into the Shire, along with the ritualised crawling towards multi-culturalist dogma, has long been noted by us.

And the Shire has been blessed with the shadow boxing of that August Shadow Minister for Immigration, Scott Morrison, who wants to sound a patriot on the one hand while signing up with Labor for another 7500 refugee places – a couple of weeks back.

It’s now 20,000 per year (for now, before the numbers boom again) – such a critic of Labor policy Morrison is!  Not.

The Chehoff Campaign is a warm-up for the campaign that I will wage with dilligence against Scott Morrison. Of course, by campaign I do not mean just an electoral campaign. I mean a mass campaign to alert Australians to what the asylum madness really is – an unarmed invasion of their country: Dispossession!


‘The wrongful, nonconsensual ouster or removal of a person from his or her property by trick, compulsion, or misuse of the law, whereby the violator obtains actual occupation of the land. Dispossession encompasses intrusion, disseisin, or deforcement.


But this must be more than a campaign.  I aim to organize Australians to action.

I was contacted today by a young person who named the teachers to me at Cronulla High who were instrunental in bringing the ‘kits’ to the school and who urged that something be done. I have put the matter to the Eureka Youth League.

It is time that Australians spoke out against the asylum-seeker-sickness that comes with the globalist mindset. It is time that Eureka Youth League entered into the politics of Cronulla High.

The Chehoff Campaign has excited some favourable comment from those ‘conservative’ parents in the Shire. One would trust that is reflected on polling day.