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The True Cause of Australian Independence

by Dr Jim Saleam, Lorraine Sharp, January 26, 2016


The Academy Of Social And Political Research
The Academy is a new and forthright enterprise in post New Right regroupement. It brings together academic writers and commentators from several countries. Its journal is Ab Aeterno. Check for subscription details. The editor is Dr. Dmitris Michalopoulos


The Occidental Quarterly On Line
The Occidental Quarterly is one of the finest journals of political and cultural commentary in English. Its paper edition is published in the United States. Check for subscription details.


Counter-Currents Publishing
Short scholarly and researched articles on matters of ideological significance in the war of counter-hegemony. New Right and similar thought. Editor Greg Johnson


Occidental Observer
An intellectual commentary on political matters, often North American, from a New Right perspective. Essential companion to the Occidental Quarterly.


The following articles and items are published to counter the lie-mongering of so-called anti racists and anti fascists and journalists regarding criminal convictions recorded against Jim Saleam

Pardon Me: The Anatomy Of An Australian Political Trial   by Jim Saleam, 27 January 1999


A Matter Of Credibility – And Mine Just Got A Whole Lot Better! The Fall of Eddie Funde And A State Perjurer Reveals A Life On ‘Witness Protection’ As A Case Against Me Unravels by Jim Saleam, January 12 2012


The Suppression Of Evidence: A Letter To The Attorney General Of New South Wales by Jim Saleam, January 12, 2012


Information Sought For Inquiry Into Political Police False Conviction


NSW Political Police Agency Confesses To Targeting Nationalists: Why? Whom Does It Serve? What To Do About It? by Jim Saleam


Liberal Party ‘Branch-Stacker’ Attorney General Refuses Reply? New Dimensions To The Martinreyes Perjury Case: A ‘Threat’ From The Director Of Public Prosecutions And The Neil Chidiac Case That Produces A Hiatus In A State Conspiracy by Dr Jim Saleam, October 2013


Debating Australian Nationalism

articles and items defending Australian Nationalist ideology and politics


The Far-Right and the 2005 Cronulla Riots In Sydney by Danny Ben-Moshe


When Zionists Interpret Australian Nationalism: A Reply To Danny Ben-Moshe by Dr Jim Saleam


For An Australian Freedom History School by Dr Jim Saleam (June 2011)


Defend Australian Nationalism!

(all about the Internet and other campaigns to undermine Australian nationalism)



The Historian As Detective Versus The Journalist As Investigator: Were Australian, British And New Zealand Prisoners Of War Massacred At The Theresienstadt Concentration Camp In 1945? by Dr. Jim Saleam.

Were Australian, British And New Zealand Prisoners Of War Massacred At Theresienstadt Concentration Camp In 1945? : A Rejoinder To The Statement Of Messrs. Heimans And Rea by Dr. Jim Saleam