2013 Chifley: Alex Norwick criticises ethnic politics in Western Sydney

May 16 2013

“It seems two Wongs now make a White!”

Australia First Party candidate for Chifley, Alex Norwick, has criticised the creeping ethnicised politics in this electorate and in other areas of Western Sydney. He has noted a growth of Asian based groups in the Liberal Party and Moslem groups in the Labor Party.

Alex NorwickMr Alex Norwick

Mr. Norwick said:

“Now it seems two wongs really do make a white, if I can repackage Arthur Calwell’s immortal phrase – and apply it to Liberal Chifley candidate, Isabelle White.

We have a growing Filipino based political mafia taking over Liberal branches in the City of Blacktown such that it is possible one of this clique may be elected in Greenway (Mr. Jamie Diaz),  while a ‘representative’ of another Asian group may perhaps come close (Miss White).

Liberal candidate Isabelle WhiteMiss White?
Labor and Liberals are actively recruiting immigrants across Western Sydney to encourage further ethnicisation and ghettos, demographically wedging out traditional Australians


In fact, both have been deliberately promoted by the Liberal Party. This leaves the white Australian majority unrepresented as Australian politics is changed via revolution from both above and below.”

Australia First Party has been growing its grass roots support in the Chifley electorate since it opted to contest the Blacktown City Council in 2012. The party received about 1000 votes last year in Ward 5 and has indicators that suggest support has increased.

Party research carried out in recent months indicates disillusionment with big party positions on demographic change.

Dr. Jim Saleam, Chairman of the party in New South Wales, who has overseen this research, said:

“More Australian working class people, pensioners and youth feel disenfranchised and without any voice. They look about at refugee privilege with free housing and extra welfare while their families do it tougher and tougher. Workers are displaced; pensioners are pressed for housing and sole parents lose benefits. They hear of Liberal Party population plans for Western Sydney and know what it means. They have observed that the Labor Party, supposedly their traditional party, scream for a ‘big Australia’. They are ready to do what they have not done for historical generations – and vote on the matter of ethnicity and race, as themselves and for themselves. This is a revolutionary development”

Mr. Norwick concluded:

“In this election I make it very clear that I represent Australians and Australians are people of European ethnicity. I do not court the votes of others because they are not my
people. I am unashamedly a candidate for a group. I condemn the Liberal Party for adopting an Asian candidate and I find the Uncle-Mehmet-Moslem Ed Husic representing a disgusting effort of the Labor Party to win favour for multiculturalism while ignoring Australian workers. It is time for Australians to act as a group and vote as a group.”

Labor MP Ed Husic Liberal MP Ed Husic
a muslim pushing to Islamify western Sydney

Muslim intimidationWestern Sydney muslim families
making a mockery of joint LibLab Baby Bonus welfare