Jan 23: National Conference 2016

Australia First party will hold a national conference on the Australia Day weekend in 2016.

AFP Reclaim Australia

By then, our application to re-register the party would have been made.

A key matter for the national conference will be to discuss the people’s ‘anti Islam’ movement in Australia.It is timely we mention it.

The party welcomes public concern over the activity of Islamists in Australia and has generally supported mass actions which have shown Islam as a key divisive question in multiculti land.. Australia First Party has reasoned that people have experienced a patriotic awakening and have perceived challenges to the Australian identity and are starting to take this into a general critique of immigration.

However, the party has detected that some leaders of the so-called ‘islam-critical’ movement wish to limit the people’s awakening into simply some sort of anti Islamism. They do not want a general criticism of immigration and they seem to believe in ‘Diversity Minus Islam’. They avoid issues such as Chinese imperialism and contract labour.They favour Aussie troops being deployed in the Middle East and many are trying to convince the mums and dads and young folk at ‘Reclaim Australia’ rallies that they should support Israel – which guarantees support for politicians who seek to use our military in Middle East adventures.

How should the party address the division of direction between the ordinary people and the leaders of this movement?

In arriving at its line of march, the party consults its members, draws on their experience and arrives at clear positions.

As the date of the conference approaches, it is expected that Australia First Party will already have made key statements.