Aug 5: United Patriots Front want Cronulla rally

Coming to Cronulla: Shermon Burgess speaks to the United Patriots Front protesters outside Richmond town hall in Melbourne on May 31. Picture: Penny Stephens.

Coming to Cronulla: Shermon Burgess speaks to United Patriots Front nationalists outside Richmond Town Hall, Melbourne, May 31, 2015

“Former Reclaim Australia spokesman Shermon Burgess, now a member of the United Patriot’s Front has called for a rally to be held at Cronulla in three months’ time.

Cronulla for White Aussies

His Cronulla call follows recent Reclaim Australia rallies in Melbourne and Sydney.

Brand Advisor for Reclaim Australia Rally, Monika Evers, told the Leader that her client was not in any way involved with the event proposed for Cronulla by former Reclaim spokesman Shermon Burgess.

According to its Facebook page, the Reclaim Australia group has been formed to: ‘‘stop halal tax, sharia law and islamisation’’.

About 150 people gathered in Martin Place at the Reclaim Australia rally on July 19. Several violent anarchists protesting against the homeland right to Aussies to protest – were appropriately arrested.  Patriots looked on as the uninvited thugs were herded into paddy wagons.

Similar rallies and counter rallies have been held in other capital cities.

Mr Burgess has elevated Reclaim Australia with a new website under the United Patriots Front name.

Speaking as the Great Aussie Patriot, he used the site to announce on Saturday, July 25, that he would be seeking a permit to hold a rally at Cronulla in three months’ time.

‘‘We are going to return to where its all started, the very motherland of anti-Islam,’’ he said.  ‘‘We will be rallying at Cronulla three months from now.’’  He said it ”was not a protest where people will go wild in the street and cause trouble.”

In another post on Sunday, July 26, he said he chose Cronulla to see if there was still a democracy in the nation.

‘‘Do we still have a right to protest against against radical Islam and anti-Australian racism anywhere in the nation?’’ he said.

‘‘This was the reason we chose Cronulla.

Aussie Pride at CronullaCronulla: proudly an Aussie beach

‘‘We are going to be peaceful and going to stand together and just simply voice our concerns.

‘‘If we get denied for a permit for Cronulla, it will show that democracy in this nation truly is dead and we do not have a right to protest where we wish.

‘‘So it will be interesting to see whether or not this does get approved.’’

Mr Burgess said it would be an alcohol-free event, family friendly and people were welcome ‘‘regardless of skin colour.’’

‘‘If you are a proud Australia you can be black, yellow, brown or white,’’ he said.


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